T&L Pollos
6518 Greenleaf Ave.  Whittier, CA  90601

For about ten years, I lived in Whittier.  When I first moved there, the food options were pretty limited, but I’m happy to report that over the years, the choices for great food has increased, not only with the more upscale spots but also with great smaller places. Fast food efficiency, but with big flavors and lots of heart.  T&L Pollos is one of those great new places in Whittier that has just that.

Hidden away in the back of a newer outdoor mall center, the sign will point the way to a great place to grab a beer and some damn good Mexican style food.

T&L is no frills.  But the variety, price, and speed make it a great option for lunch, or to try something from the very impressive beer selection and hang out while watching the game.

chicken-plateThe menu is simple but has lots of different combinations for anyone who wants good food – a lot of it.  The first dish we tried was the #3 Rotisserie Chicken with a side of rice and a salad.  The salad and rice were pretty standard, but the chicken was the real star, the skin was so tasty, and the meat was moist and delicious. The addition of grilled onions and jalepeno made it special.  I decided to grab a corn tortilla and make an impromptu taco and was very happy.

Next on deck was the Carne Asada plate with pinto beans and rice.  Again, the meat was the best part!  Lots of times, places use cheap, thin pieces of asada and over cook it – not T&L.  The meat was thick and juicy and was marinated in a citrus-based sauce. I could taste the notes of lime and spices.  This plate will be ordered again when my inner carnivore is looking to be satisfied!

carne-asada-plateHowever, the last dish I tried, guaranteed that I’d be sending a few friends over to T&L Pollos soon. The taco plate combo with two sides.  I ordered the seasoned fries and potato salad – which was a lot of starch for me.  But the flavors were good, and I appreciated how much I got for the price.  And the tacos – Lordy!  Three hard-shelled chicken tacos stuffed with sour cream, cheese, and guacamole? I’m in heaven.  I gobbled those things down even though I was already full because finding hard shell tacos this good shouldn’t be wasted.


I was delighted to find out from the cashier – who was friendly and helpful – that the tacos were on special every Tuesday.  Hard or soft chicken tacos only one dollar all day.  So basically, I could sit down to half a dozen chicken tacos and a beer for under $15 and pretty much die a happy, stuffed, woman.

If you’re looking for some casual cooking, done right, check out T&L Tacos next time you’re in Whittier.  I know I’ll be back some Tuesday in the future for sure!

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