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I recently returned from a European adventure where I ate to my heart’s delight.

There was one meal in particular that still stands out to me. I’m still drooling over two weeks later. We were in the heart of Amsterdam, strolling the flower market and freezing our butts off. The snow was falling heavy and wet and typical me; I was on the hunt for my next meal.

Right off the flower market was this little Indonesian restaurant and it looked slammed. Every table was full, and one server was working the room. We took this as a sign and walked right in.

The second you open the door you are hit with mouth-watering aromas. I kid you not, I could have just stood in the entrance and smelled the place for a while, but then I would have been the weirdo sniffing the air.

After ordering drinks, the server brought a bowl of shrimp chips. I love these things as I use to devour these as a kid. They were the needed crunchy bite to tide me over until appetizers.

We started with the Fish Lumpia or Lumpia Ikan. They are similar to a spring roll, stuffed with fish and served with a light peanut and chili sauce. While I’ve had lumpia before, I’ve never had a fish version. These were light, crunchy and delicious, everything I’d want from my lumpia.

For our second appetizer, we went with the Pantsuit Goreng or a fried pastry filled with minced chicken and served with different sauces. You can not go wrong with these crispy flavor bombs.

For my entree, I went with the Daging Blado or thinly sliced beef in a tomato chili sauce with peteh beans. The dish came with white rice, sambal goreng buncis, acar ketimun and sambal goreng tempeh. (French beans Indonesian style, pickled cucumbers and fried tempeh in a spicy sauce)

My advice: stir up that plate and get everything in one bite! The mix of flavors about to explode in your mouth is unbelievable. There is heat, sweetness, tender meat and crunch. Stir it up, and you’ve got the perfect combination bite of flavor. I was warned this dish was spicy, and it was; I started sweating a bit, but that is how I like it. Bring on the heat!

I left totally stuffed, satisfied and happy that my clothes smelled of this fabulous meal. If you find yourself in Amsterdam, check out Sampurna!

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