Brunchin’ With Beers at Courthaus Social in Arlington, VA


Courthaus Social
2300 Clarendon Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201

I don’t think it’s any secret that brunch is my favorite meal of the day. I usually judge a restaurant based off of its brunch menu too. So, when I tell you a spot is legit a great spot for brunch, just trust me.

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A couple of weeks ago I met friends for an al fresco brunch at Courthaus Social, in the Clarendon area of Arlington, VA. Clarendon is located just outside of DC, and Courthaus Social is right down the block from the metro. This means there is really no excuse not to check it out!

Courthaus Social is a beer garden and restaurant that prides itself in being a “from scratch kitchen” that only uses fresh local ingredients. It’s fairly new and having been open for two years. In these two years, they’ve evolved from serving frozen bar food to having an extensive dinner and brunch menu, as well as an impressive beer, whiskey and cocktail list. In addition to draft beers, Mimosas and Bloody Marys are served for brunch as well!

My favorite thing about Courthaus Social though, is its back story. The owner, unhappy with his job as an investor/banker at the time, decided to quit his job and follow his dream of opening and running a restaurant. What a risky move! With the support of his wife, and a few investors, he bought the space and has worked tremendously hard to make it the success it is today. Including, flying out a Chef from Chicago, Thai Dang to help customize the menu and train kitchen staff.

At my visit, the owner was there serving tables, cleaning, and engaging with guests. It really isn’t a surprise then why Courthaus Social was able to make it passed the dreaded first year in the restaurant business.

Their brunch menu consists of some classic all-American choices with exciting twists, and a few international favorites like bratwursts, schnitzels, and fish and chips. Since everything is made to order, the dishes taste super fresh. Guests can enjoy their yummy meals on Courthaus Social’s large outside patio or indoors.

Food Rundown

Bacon, Egg & Cheese Tots – scrambled egg, bacon and beer cheese

If you just drooled reading this, I don’t blame you. The beer cheese was a surprising and much appreciated addition to the dish. I love me some beer cheese.

Big HAUS Pretzel – imported bavarian pretzel served with two types of mustard, and beer cheese

The pretzel has a nice crunch on the outside and is super soft and warm on the inside.

Freedom Fries – bacon, parmesan, charred scallions, fried egg and garlic ranch aioli

They had me at bacon and parmesan!

Crispy Buffalo Chicken Sandwich – melted bleu cheese

I can’t really handle heat, so this was too spicy for me. But, if you’re a fan of spice, then I think this is for you.

Chicken & Waffles

Good ol’ Chicken & Waffles! These were made with boneless chicken breast. Makes it a lot easier to eat along with your waffle.

Nutella Pancakes – stuffed with Nutella and topped with strawberries

These seem like they would be really sweet, but they weren’t that sweet at all. It was a good balance and let’s be serious, anything with Nutella is amazing.

Brunch at Courthaus Social is served every Saturday and Sunday from 11:00a.m. to 3:00p.m. If you’re in the mood for a great beer, great brunch food and a relaxing atmosphere, hop on the Orange or Silver metro line and head to Courthaus Social this weekend!


Growing up, food was the staple for every major event, and my family made it a point to introduce me to many different cuisines. They might also be to blame for my slight obsession with cocktails and small plates. I mean, I was the 5-year-old at dinner ordering a virgin Pina colada and shrimp cocktail! Nevertheless, they ingrained in me my love for food and the amazing abilities it has to bring people together. “Don’t tell me what you ate, tell me who you ate with.” (Parts Unknown, Anthony Bourdain) I recently relocated to Washington D.C., from New York City and am obsessed with the D.C. brunch scene! Something about the casualness of drinking bubbly in the middle of the day really speaks to my soul. I also have a weird obsession with cupcakes and cheese, not together, but if someone could make that work, I’d be down. I’m excited to share pieces about my brunching adventures, happy hours, and classy things in between that are best spent with friends and/or loved ones, as well as sharing experiences from D.C. foodie events. Check out more of my champagne-ing, cupcake eating, D.C. life at my blog