Brunching With Best Friends at D’kírico in San Ángel


San Ángel is a colonial neighborhood in Mexico City with lots of tradition, its cobbled stone streets and colorful facades take you back in time. But on the inside things are entirely different, restaurants and shops occupy the place of what once was bedrooms of the richest people in Mexico City. One of these restaurants is D’kírico. 

Plaza Grand San Ángel
Calle de la Amargura #17, Álvaro Obregón San Ángel, 01000, Ciudad de México, CDMX

I took two of my best friends who were visiting from L.A. for their farewell brunch. The contrast between the modernity of the restaurant with the 18th-century building makes the place interesting, beautiful and an excellent piece of today’s Mexico. Saying that my friends were pleased with my choice would be an understatement. Let’s start with the service, elegant but not pretentious that would be my overall assessment but not only that, our waiter offered English menus the second he realized one of the people in my party didn’t understand Spanish. Also, from that moment on, he made an effort to speak English to her. But enough of the garnish lets talk about the main course, the food. 

D’kírico’s menu like its architecture is an excellent example of modern Mexican cuisine. With traditional flavors and dishes like Chilaquiles, Molletes, Huaraches and Huevos Divorciados but plated with a twenty-first-century style and a side of amazing french bread. 

My brunchin’ besties! Devon and Alejandro

Since we were there for a celebration we got mimosas and ended up asking for the bottle; there is never enough bubbles in a celebration! Meet Devon and Alejandro, the most talented and beautiful couple I’ve ever met. 

Huevos Morita

I got the Huevos Morita which are eggs drowned in salsa Morita (Morita is a red pepper frequently used in traditional Mexican cuisine) and accompanied with two tiny chicken tamales. Spectacular. The salsa was rich in flavor with a hint of spice. The tamales were an unusual but surprisingly good side dish. 

Chorizo Taquitos

Next plate was Devon’s. Chorizo Taquitos, in a flour tortilla and with a side of beans. This dish was simple, filling, and delicious. For those who haven’t tried chorizo let me tell you, it’s amazing. That’s it, that’s all you need to know. Try it, enjoy it, you can thank me later. 

Huevos con Machaca

Last but not least Alejandro’s dish, Huevos con Machaca. Traditional, well done, filling and once again delicious. Machaca is dry beef that goes well with eggs, tortillas, salsa, cheese, beans; you name it. This one comes with flour tortillas and of course beans.

We left the place with a happy tummy and a bit tipsy. Our overall experience was delightful, excellent service, awesome food at a reasonable price and in a unique location. Without a doubt, if you’re ever in San Ángel you should grab a bite at D’kírico

Cristina Castaño

I grew up in Mexico City and was born into a huge foodie family who introduced me to gourmet food as a toddler. By the time I was seven my favorite dish was duck confit with blackberry sauce! My family is the type that while eating breakfast are talking about what we're having for lunch and dinner so as you can imagine food has always been a big part of my life. Eating a great meal has to be part of my day and I'm always looking for a restaurant that can provide that. During my two and a half residence in Los Angeles, I went to over two hundred restaurants and found nothing but amazing food. As I return to my hometown nothing excites me more than discovering new restaurants and sharing it with you! One of my biggest pleasures in life is to take my friends to my favorite restaurants and watching how they enjoy the food I love, I'm hoping to do that here but through my writing. Since I live in huge metropolis you can expect all types of cuisines and desserts, I'll keep you drooling with my words!