Phil Er Up: National Mechanics, Revolution House and Continental Restaurant and Martini Bar


My DIY Bloody Mary

I have journeyed back to the historical land that is Philadelphia to further explore the city and its many food offerings. First stop was National Mechanics, a spot I hit up last time but while researching the ‘hood discovered that, during brunch, it has its very own DIY Bloody Mary Bar. I mean… how can I not? This eatery is unique, utilizing old wooden church pews for booths and showcasing fun bug collections, mounted bison skulls, and cute displays of plants.

Strawberry Daiquiri

National Mechanics
22 South 3rd St., Philadelphia PA 19106

The service was attentive, the atmosphere was super trendy, and the drinks were spot on!  If you’re looking for a happy hour nosh spot, this is your pick—but maybe not if you’re a teetotaler. Featured below is the cocktail of the day: Strawberry Daiquiri on tap (YES, I said on tap) made with simple syrup and lavender. Not as sweet as traditional daiquiri, with a gentle burn—I recommend it.  We also tried the Bloody Mess, a bloody mary with a pinch of Guinness. The bitter Irish hops weren’t as present as I imagined they’d be but two thumbs up for concept. Might I also add, National Mechanics has a dynamite happy hour.

On to Revolution House, where you definitely won’t be revolting against their savory pizza and cheesesteak egg rolls.

Revolution House
200 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106

Left: Lost in the Woods Right: O’Doyle Rules-Almost IPA

Their gorgeous cocktail Lost In The Woods features Tito’s Vodka with mission fig puree, lavender syrup, grapefruit juice, blackberry, and elderflower-soaked fig. Normally I don’t give a fig for figs (had to do that there) BUT this delight packs such a beautiful flavor palette that I’m just a girl who can’t say no… being Lost In The Woods. I adore O’Doyle Rules-Almost IPA, it has a silent strength to the taste. If you want to check out which beers are currently featured on tap at Revolution House, download the Untappd app.

Cheesesteak Egg Rolls

Prosciutto Pizza

Even though I haven’t had a cheesesteak, the PENULTIMATE Philly move (tsk tsk), I did have Cheesesteak Egg Rolls… does that count?  They packed the power of a full bite of meat and cheese into one little bite and that was tres impressive. We also had the Prosciutto Pizza with goat cheese and arugula. The crust was light and delicious. If you’re on Market Street, stop here and take a load off.

Continental Restaurant and Martini Bar
138 Market St, Philadelphia, PA 19106

And welcome to the place that gave me sunburn… but, to be fair, it wasn’t their fault that I didn’t wear sunscreen. Here I am, squinting toward a camera I cannot see in the bright sunshine hoisting my cocktail, The Astronaut, made with peach vodka and Tang. YES, I said Tang, the preferred drink of astronauts since 1969. This is their signature libation and a must have!

The Continental has good street cred when it comes to their crafty martinis. Don’t be fooled by its diner-like posterior—this place has drinks for days.

No matter how many times I wander these historic cobbled streets I keep finding new gems in Old City Philly. With so many more eateries to explore, I simply can’t list my new favorite fatty snacks in one post. Stay tuned for my next epic journey….READING TERMINAL MARKET where I discover my dream donut and try scrapple for the very first time.

This food fantasia is not for the faint of heart…..also, definitely not the scrapple, your stomach really needs to be ready for that.


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