Summer is right around the corner in Seattle. At least…we hope! The weather hasn’t been so cooperative in the last year. While May IS bringing you flowers and plenty rainbows, I am bringing you a recipe! This is my recipe for Thai Pomelo Shrimp Salad. I even made a Youtube video for it, which actually has the most views on my channel (woohoo)! Watch below:

This recipe is super simple and FILLED with bold flavors.


1 Pomelo or ruby red grapefruit
½ lb of cooked shrimp
Handful of crushed peanuts
Handful of fried red onion
2 garlic cloves
2 thai chili peppers
2-3 teaspoons fish sauce
2-3 teaspoons palm sugar
Lime juice
½ cucumber cut in halves
bundle of cilantro – chopped
*Mortar and pestle to blend together some of the ingredients


1. Cut open your pomelo and take out the meat of the fruit and place in bowl, you want bite size chunks.

2. In your mortar and pestle, add your garlic, peppers and pound them until broken down, then add your palm sugar, and a squeeze of lime.

3. Add your cucumber and add fish sauce then mix all together

4. Add pomelo and shrimp together and add the ingredients from the mortar and pestle to mix all together.

5. Add your cilantro, crushed peanuts and fried red onion, salt and pepper and then stir together!

Enjoy! If you haven’t checked out my personal food blog, please visit!

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