M Cocina Creativa: A Mexican-Vietnamese Birthday Dinner in Guadalajara


Last weekend I went to Guadalajara, one of the biggest cities in Mexico. Filled with culture amazing food and lots of tequila, this city is a true Mexican gem. Tequila region is just an hour away from there and you can actually ride a tequila train that leaves from Guadalajara. A cousin of mine lives there and since he knows I’m a food blogger he picked a special restaurant so that I had the chance to blog about his city, he took me to M Cocina Creativa, which means “creative kitchen”. This restaurant totally justifies its name. It’s a Mexican-Vietnamese fusion restaurant that implements ingredients you wouldn’t normally see in a menu in Mexico, like pork stuffed squid (which were delicious).

M Cocina Creativa
Av. Aurelio Ortega No. 611, Seattle, 45150 Zapopan, Jal., Mexico

Another thing that makes the place unique is the really big two story indoor patio with a rustic feel, a fountain made out of half a tree, really tall ceilings and filled with plants. It’s not only relaxing and romantic but it really makes you forget you’re in the city.

And if that is not enough to make you forget you’re in a city, you have to try the drinks! They’re amazing. The service is also amazing, honestly it could not have been better, they were courteous, knowledgeable and knew their food and drinks one hundred percent. 

Pulpo Spicy

For appetizers we got Pulpo Spicy (Spicy Octopus) Calamares Rellenos a la Parrilla (Barbecued Stuffed Squid) Dumplings de la casa (House Dumplings) and Green Papaya Salad. These were all delicious in their own way. The garlic sauce of the octopus was everything and mixed with the egg yolk every little tentacle tasted like a unique heaven. The octopus was soft and chewy at the same time. All the other plates were delicious but (as you can tell) the octopus was my fave.

For our main courses we got Camarón y Cerdo a la Parrilla (Barbecued shrimp and pork) Cubos de Filete Mignon Salteados (Filet Mignon Cubes) Camarón Wok (Wok Shrimp) and Dedos Betel (sorry, no translation). All the dishes had sweet and sour notes and enhanced the protein with them. Sadly my dish wasn’t my absolute favorite, because my sauce wasn’t as impressive as my sister’s, the Filet Mignon Cubes. That sauce was sweet with a hint of garlic and the rice made a perfect companion since it balanced out the sweetness of the sauce. They were all great but the Filet Mignon was my top favorite. 


Last but not least were the desserts as you can tell it was somebody’s birthday and that somebody was… me! It was four days before my birthday and this was my first celebration for my 27th birthday.

A birthday girl cannot go out for dinner without a dessert! We got Ginger Crème Brûlée and Chocolate & Caramel which was one salted caramel ice cream ball and a bitter chocolate sorbet, in between these two there was cookie crumble, to describe this as “delicious” would be unfair, the combination of flavors and textures was perfect. The bitterness of the cacao the sweetness and saltiness of the caramel and the crunch of the crumble made me want to eat this forever, over and over again, so rich and full of flavor so yummy, OK I’ll stop now, I think I’ve made my point. 


If you are ever in Guadalajara go to M Cocina Creativa it was a great experience overall, not one thing was even mediocre, everything was excellent!

Cristina Castaño

I grew up in Mexico City and was born into a huge foodie family who introduced me to gourmet food as a toddler. By the time I was seven my favorite dish was duck confit with blackberry sauce! My family is the type that while eating breakfast are talking about what we're having for lunch and dinner so as you can imagine food has always been a big part of my life. Eating a great meal has to be part of my day and I'm always looking for a restaurant that can provide that. During my two and a half residence in Los Angeles, I went to over two hundred restaurants and found nothing but amazing food. As I return to my hometown nothing excites me more than discovering new restaurants and sharing it with you! One of my biggest pleasures in life is to take my friends to my favorite restaurants and watching how they enjoy the food I love, I'm hoping to do that here but through my writing. Since I live in huge metropolis you can expect all types of cuisines and desserts, I'll keep you drooling with my words!