Summer Fancy Food Show with Megan and Marcie


Megan: Last weekend, I had the opportunity to attend one of the most insider food experiences that anyone in the industry could wish for… Summer Fancy Food Show. Here, vendors from around the world journey to the Javits Center to peddle their wares to bloggers, restaurants, and distributors. Move over Costco, the free samples at this place are bringing all the bloggers to the yard.

Happily, fellow NYC GOF-Foodie, Marcie and I were able to attend together. Here’s our take on the epic and always classy Fancy Food Show, Summer edition.

Bare in mind, I attended this while on Day 23 of the Whole 30 diet, so my perspective was super focused on what I was able to actually put in mouth while sauntering up and down the endless aisles.

MarcieRunning a bar program, I’m always looking for fun, new exciting products to use in cocktails. I’m also on a hardcore gluten free paleo diet, and it’s great to see how many cool and delicious options there are now!

Calabria Di Gusto

Marcie: First, we started at the Calabria Di Gusto booth, and sampled some amaro and amaretto. All spirits are coming from Calabria in Italy. My favorite was the Vecchio Amaro del Capo. It’s a beautiful spirit distilled from sugar beets and 29 herbs and spices. And they were kind enough to send me home with a bottle, and I made an incredible Negroni with it! 


Rawmatic Chocolate 

Megan: I could not be more pleased to hear that this brand is opening a store right near where I work on the Upper East Side. This dairy free/gluten free sweet treat is one to keep an eye out. With all natural flavors and organic chocolate, it is the perfect dessert if you’re off the good stuff.




Marcie: We couldn’t help but stop at ManCan. ManCan is wine in a can, and they feature red, white and sparkling styles. This is a great idea for those non-beer drinkers at the beach, music festivals, and BBQs, and also so you aren’t lugging around glass bottles and wine openers. They are sourcing high-quality wine from Northern California and blending to perfect flavor. 

Chosen Foods Avocado Oil Mayo Foods

Megan: You will not get enough of this Chosen Foods Avocado Oil Mayo… so much better than regular mayonnaise with the same zesty taste.  This is a must try!  I’m dying to test drive it with a killer organic chicken salad recipe.



Epic Provisions

MarcieNext, we stopped at Epic Provisions, a Paleo-dieters dream. They make jerky, protein bars, and bone broth. All their products are soy, dairy, and gluten free. I love their bone broth and their jerky. They practice sustainable farming and use the best ingredients. 

Rebel Kitchen

Megan: This brand inspires me to do my next Whole 30!  Rebel Kitchen makes drinks that are suitable for vegetarians and vegans that are delicious and nutritious. The chocolate milk is amazing and made with spring water, organic coconut milk, organic date nectar, and organic cacao. It makes me feel like I’m taking a divine sip of Nesquick without the calories or processed ingredients.

Zupa Noma

Marcie: After some wine tasting, we needed some vegetables in our life. We stopped at Zupa Noma, an organic, drinkable soup company from Sonoma, California. I tried their organic tomato gazpacho, which they had very cleverly spiked with Tito’s Vodka. Definitely one of healthiest bloody marys I’ve ever tasted. 



All told, I had a blast, and we were both introduced to new innovative organic products that made our Whole 30/Paelo hearts sing.


Born in Virginia and raised on the mean streets of Garden City, Long Island, I’ve learned to appreciate any type of cuisine from a late night burrito and tatcho’s to a tasting menu and wine pairing. I’m a bit of an adventurer when it comes to food and am always up for an eating challenge where I can find one. I may or may not have eaten sixteen chili tacos to become “The Taco Queen” of a small hole in the wall Mexican eatery. I also couldn’t help myself from ordering whale in Oslo (please don’t tell Green Peace) and can’t resist a zany menu choice. A writer and performer, I like to pair my meals with a good play and you can find my reviews on New York Theatre Guide. Baking is a guilty pleasure and I’m constantly preparing confectionaries with surprises inside. I hope one day to compile all my recipes into one called “Get Stuffed”.I’m looking forward to the next culinary adventure I carve out and sharing them with you. I may just need to create an entire series devoted to “did they really just make this Asian/Mexican/Korean/Italian fusion a food truck?”. Cheers!