The Bar Café in Uxbridge, Ontario


One of my favourite things about living just outside of the city limits is all of the wonderful little restaurants and cafés I get to indulge in every so often. One of the most important things I think we all try to achieve is eating healthy and reducing our ecological footprint. Not easy to do in today’s busy world with fast food so readily available at our little finger tips. It’s refreshing to find a spot that is organic, fresh and locally sourced. And did I mention food that is ridiculously full of delicious flavour? 

The Bar Café
2 Brock Street West, Uxbridge, ON Canada

When I walked into The Bar Café, the owner and foodie extraordinaire, Trisha Bush, was helping and greeting her customers with a warm smile. Trish and I go way back as I am her hair stylist and she is my vegetarian food guru. She told me she would be right with me and to go have a seat in the back by the Mandala. Nothing gets you more visually into the zone of peace and tranquility like a beautiful Mandala.

The Bar Café serves all types of foods and the Mediterranean influence is strong. Not only are there plenty of protein options, they can accommodate various types of diets including gluten free, vegetarian, vegan and raw.

The Sea Bowl

As I got myself centered, I could hear the door opening and closing behind me. It was 2 PM on a Monday; traditionally not a busy time for most restaurants. But this was not the case here! As I am not a picky eater, I always tell people I’ll try anything…that’s vegetarian. First up on the menu, The Sea Bowl, which is described as “sushi in a bowl.” Every single bite of this dish was a burst of different flavours. It was filled with local organic greens, spirulina rice, nori, black sesame seeds, perfectly poached eggs, veggies, hot sauce and drizzled in a house-made sesame ginger dressing. Not too spicy, but just enough heat to kick it up a notch. As someone who doesn’t exactly love nori in dishes, I couldn’t imagine this dish without it. It’s safe to say I might have converted to the nori side of life.

The Mediterranean Hummus Wrap

This place is famously known for a few things: juices and their ginormous Hummus Wraps. They are hands down my most favourite thing to eat. I guarantee no one makes a hummus quite like they do. The Mediterranean Wrap was packed with hummus, cheese, veggies, black olives, and delicious tzatziki sauce. These wraps are two-handers and easily fill you up instantly. I can’t express enough how amazing the hummus is. I would have no problem or shame eating it by the pound. Take my word for it, it’s just that good.

Carrot Orange Juice

The Carrot Orange Juice was so smooth, refreshing and it just made me feel good from the inside. Unlike smoothies, it’s light and perfect for an on the go pick-me-up boost. I could drink a glass of this sunshine every day.

As you leave the cafe there is an abundance of fresh groceries, juices and hummus to purchase and take home. This is a completely guilt-free shopping and dining experience.  The majority of the vegetables and fruit are sourced from local farms and everything is 100% organic. They have the most adorable shopping bags to carry your load of veggies, fruits and meals home in. If you ever want to leave the Toronto city limits and try some mouthwatering, fresh, organic meals take a beautiful drive to Uxbridge, Ontario and treat yourself. Trust me, your tastebuds and the universe will thank you.

Shopping bag is from 24 Carrot Co.

Paula O'Farrell

Maple syrup...I put that sauce on everything. Just kidding, almost everything. As a small town Canadian girl living just outside of Toronto, I had the pleasure of eating good country meals and city fine dining all of my life. On top of that, I was also brought up in an Italian household full of vegetable farmers. So it only made sense that at the ripe old age of 10 I would march into the kitchen and shock my mom and Nona with my decision to become a vegetarian. Don't worry, I now eat seafood here and there because sushi is life. My Nona was a fantastic cook and my inspiration in the kitchen. She taught me everything there is to know about cooking which led me to try out for MasterChef Canada. Although I didn't make it all the way, I made it far enough in the competition to make my little heart happy with my accomplishment. Now, I love going on road trips to the city, or up north to find the best food trucks, dives or beautiful restaurants by the water. I still love to cook and not just vegetarian food. C'mon, I live in the land of Canadian bacon, how could I deprive my husband of such deliciousness? I'm so totally stoked to be on this food ride with you guys and can't wait to see what the future brings!