It’s difficult to focus on how you are eating when you are so much more focused on what you are eating. Steph Jensen, whose background is rooted in health and wellness, is well aware of this. In an effort to educate others on why focusing on how you eat is important, she started a whole dinner series focused on mindful eating called The Gramercy Garden Eating Club.

For her club, she teams up with local New York City chefs to bring her guests a “mind-to-table” experience right in her own private NYC patio. The dinner I attended was cooked by Micah Fredman who has cooked in incredible NYC restaurants including Gramercy Tavern and Eleven Madison Park. The night was full of an incredible paleo/pescatarian menu, approachable guests and eating tips that are simple enough for any foodies to follow.

All ingredients used for this dinner were picked from the farmer’s market the morning of the dinner, so the freshness of the vegetables really stood out during the meal.
Chilled squash soup- The chilled squash soup was perfect for a hot summer night, with its smokey finish from spices. It was a great opener to the rest of the courses leaving you not too full but instead, excited for what’s to come.

Summer bean salad- I never imagined I would be a huge fan of beans but I have quickly changed my mind after this dish. The beans were lightly grilled and paired with tomatoes and greens. The dressing tasted like a balsamic reduction vinaigrette but with much more flavor. The summer bean salad left me feel surprisingly full. I was almost nervous that I wouldn’t be able to finish the next course on the menu!Seabass ceviche– The seabass ceviche with red onion, radish and lime was the star protein of the night. Once again it was a great move by the chef, Micah, for a humid NYC night. The seabass was fresh and seasoned perfectly. I also enjoyed the textures in the dish which ranged from the smoothness of the seabass to the tough exteriors of the radish and onions. The broth was just as delicious as the rest of the meal. I made sure to get every scoop of it! Steph Jensen her mindful eating tips

Some of Steph’s tips to succeed in mindful eating are:

Don’t drink water while you eat since it alters the pH level in your stomach.

Chew your food 15-20 times for healthy digestion.

Eat with your non-dominant hand to slow down eating and avoid overeating. This can be a challenge, but there’s nothing wrong with learning how to be a bit more ambidextrous.

If you want the complete rundown into mindful eating then you’ll have to attend one of her dinners!

If you want the complete rundown into mindful eating then you’ll have to attend one of her dinners! Click to sign up for her email list here.

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