Sing to Us Paolo: A Look Back at the Fatbois in Rome


No, this isn’t a review of the classic that is The Lizzy McGuire Movie, but a look back on some adventures the Fatbois have taken over the past few months. We were lucky enough to spend three days in Rome, taking in all of the beautiful sights and even better food. I was lucky enough to make it back to Italy a month later with my mom in celebration of her birthday (s/o to Jan) where I’m pretty sure I was more gelato than human at some points during our trip. Here’s a look at some of our amazing trip to Italy!

After landing in Rome and struggling to order coffee (a common occurrence for us in both Paris and Rome), we dropped off our luggage and headed to Hostaria Vincenzowhere we dove into some authentic Italian appetizers and pasta. In typical Fatboi fashion, we ordered more than one appetizer, the Steamed Mussels, and the Piatto di Formaggio. It should go without saying that after devouring our delicious meals we obviously got dessert. I went with a Pistachio/Vanilla Gelato combo, while Fatboi Jess went with a classic Tiramisu. In typical Fatboi fashion, there was nothing left to speak of after we inhaled our delicious desserts.

Piatto di Formaggio

Steamed Mussels

Pistachio/Vanilla Gelato

The following day, we spent some time taking in the sights and sounds of Rome by taking a tour of a Roman Crypt, as well as the remains of a Roman Aqueduct. After spending most of our morning walking around, it goes without saying that these Fatbois were starving. With some awesome recommendations from our tour guide (s/o to our girl Mariah, you da plug) we made our way to our lunch destination. Now I know what you’re probably thinking; HOW HAVE YOU GUYS NOT HAD PIZZA YET?! Well don’t worry fam, that’s where we’ll take our adventure next.

Approaching hunger levels of epic proportions, we sat down for lunch at La Montecarlo. To start, we each ordered a slice of bread topped with EVOO (casual Rachel Ray reference). One appetizer obviously wasn’t going to cut it, so we also agreed on having another Piatto di Formaggio.

Slice of bread topped with EVOO

Piatto di Formaggio

Once we finished our appetizers, it was time for the main attraction, the ZA. I opted for a Classic Pie, while Jess and Fatboi Consultant Krystie both went for Pepperoni. To say there’s something special about eating pizza at an outdoor restaurant in Italy is an understatement. It took authentic to the next level.

Classic Pie

Pepperoni Pizza

On our last day in Rome, we knew we had to make our food adventures really count. With a full day of sightseeing ahead of us, we knew we were going to have to fuel up on some good eats. Fatboi Consultant Krystie found us a gem of a restaurant to enjoy, right across from the Colosseum, Hostaria Al Gladiatore. Now if you’ve picked up anything from this post, we love cheese. So naturally we started our meal off with a Piatto di Formaggio. We enjoyed a nice selection of cheeses, strawberries, and walnuts. For our main course, we all decided to go with the Pepper and Cheese Gnocchi. With our bellies full, we ventured inside to order ourselves a cafe latte to keep us going for the rest of the day. Our wonderfully handsome barista made sure we had the energy to take in the wonderful city sights (miss you bae).

Piatto di Formaggio

Pepper and Cheese Gnocchi

As you can probably imagine, walking + a hot day = some hungry fatbois. For our final meal, we decided to have ourselves an upscale late night dinner at Osteria Quarantaquattro. Although we felt a little bit out of our element, we were quickly greeted by Sergio, the owner, who made us feel like we were at home. Consultant Krystie and I started our meals off with a wonderful salad, with roasted artichoke, parmesan cheese, and drizzle of balsamic dressing. Per Sergio’s recommendation, Jess and I both went for the Sea Bass Ravioli. Wow, was it good. The combination of the perfectly cooked fish with the homemade ravioli was an explosion of flavor!

Sea Bass Ravioli


We ended our last night with an amazing Molten Chocolate Cake, which took us all of about 5 seconds to finish. With our tummys full, we staggered back to our hotel to pack for our long flight back.

Molten Chocolate Cake

Even though we didn’t find Paulo, we found plenty of gems that had us wanting to come back for more. Ciao until next time Italia! Stay tuned for part 2 of our Italy adventures!!

Jess and Christie

Jess and Christie, from central and northern New Jersey respectively, met and became friends as college freshman at the University of Scranton in 2010. Through the years they have shared their enthusiasm for food, drink, and humor, and on March 11th 2016, @FatboiTendencies was born. Their posts are known for puns, dad jokes, pop culture references, as well as foods that may be bad for you but are pleasing to both your eyes and tastebuds. They are extremely honored and excited to be joining the talented ladies at Girls On Food!