It isn’t often I head to Midtown Manhattan, but when Food and City (@Foodandcity) comes calling telling you there’s a crazy new brunch menu, you stop what you’re doing and rush over.

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of joining some of my fellow foodie influencers for a morning filled with delightful drinks, fantastic food and just a few extra calories. Juniper Bar, a cute and cozy spot near Madison Square Garden and Penn Station, now offers some of the best brunch menu items I’ve ever laid my eyes on!

Juniper Bar
237 W. 35th St, New York, NY 10001


Croque Madame

After indulging in some crafty cocktails, we started off the morning with the Croque Madame – layers of melty goodness topped with a fried egg. This breakfast buff’s dream come true is the perfect start to that weekend hangover cure.

Heartattack Stack

But when one buttery, calorie-laden dish just won’t suffice and you need to soak up those drinks from last night’s turn up,  the Heartattack Stack is your new best friend. This tower of fried chicken, bacon, ham, egg, and hashbrowns is your ticket to heaven… or to your cardiologist!

Red Velvet Waffles

Just don’t run to the doctor yet, you still have room for my favorite meal of the menu – the stuffed Red Velvet Waffles. This ooey-gooey stack of goodness is the perfect end to your brunch behavior and will satisfy that sweet tooth craving.

Did I make you hungry? No problem, Juniper is at your service to fulfill those cravings.  Just wear your loosest pants because you’re going to want to make as much room in your stomach as possible.

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