The Best Brunch in Redondo: R/10 Social House


R/10 Social House on Redondo Beach Pier is a two-story restaurant with fantastic views of the ocean, marina and pier!  After brunch, take a stroll on the pier to walk off your delicious, yet-oh-so-filling, meal!

R/10 Social House
179 N Harbor Drive, Redondo Beach, CA 90277

For Starters:Aw Shucks
The Aw Shucks, a Half Dozen Market Oysters served with yuzu cream, ginger mignonette and lemon slices are the perfect starter to share with 2-3 people. Let me clarify, that is not sweet whipped cream your seeing, but rather, yuzu cream which is made using a Japanese/Korean citrus fruit similar to a tart lemon. The chunks of ginger are mixed with lemon juice and vinegar. This is my new favorite complement for oysters. While the oysters vary daily, the large oysters I had the pleasure of trying were Malaspina Oysters from British Columbia; with a sweet, mild taste and creamy, white flesh.

Breakfast of Champions:

Bacon Sweet Potato Hash
Their best selling brunch item is the Bacon Sweet Potato Hash. The dish has two eggs, house-cured pork belly, bacon, sweet potato cubes, salsa verde, and, my favorite part, avocado toast!  While you can order the eggs any way you like, scrambled, over-easy and over-medium are the most popular variations. I opted for eggs over-medium. The salsa verde is similar to a green chimichurri sauce; made with cilantro, parsley, lemon juice, olive oil and a secret blend of spices. The avocado toast was composed of grilled sourdough crostini, sea salt, microgreens and delicious, buttery avocado.

On the Lighter Side:  So Farro, So Good! Salad
The farro makes this salad hearty enough to hold its own as either a brunch or lunch item.  On top of the bed of arugula are the farro grains, cucumber, heirloom cherry tomatoes, basil, mint and nicoise olives. All the ingredients are tossed with the sherry vinegar then topped with paprika, pecans and a lemon-yogurt drizzle. The variety of flavors married well; savory citrus from the lemon yogurt, spice from the paprika and nuttiness from the pecans.  You have your choice of adding grilled chicken, fish, lardons, scallops or steak to any of the salads. I followed my server’s recommendation and went with the fish. The salmon was perfection: crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Salmon not your favorite fish? No worries. They also offer mahi mahi and corvina.

On the Sweeter Side: Lemon Ricotta Pancakes
This stack of pancakes were the fluffiest pancakes I’ve ever eaten. The were topped with fresh blueberries and roasted almonds and a side of warm syrup. The crunch from the toasted almonds went perfectly with pancakes made perfectly fluffy from the addition of ricotta cheese to the batter. The combination of almonds and syrup hints to a taste of amaretto. These will be your favorite pancakes. Too full to finish? No worries because they make fantastic leftovers! I warmed them in a pan with a little butter, then topped them with fresh lemon zest…perfection!

Libations: They serve a refreshing orange juice with a slice of an orange floating in the top of the glass. The Mariner’s Mimosa is perfect for those who enjoy their mimosas heavy on champagne and elderflower with just a hint of citrus coming from the sweet, pink grapefruit. The mimosa pairs great with any of the brunch items!


Special thanks to Localite LA for setting up this tasting. 

Meagan McCall

I unknowingly discovered my love for food in 2nd grade when I decided to take over the lunch-making responsibilities for the household, ensuring the crust was always cut off my peanut butter sandwiches. From there, my love of food guided me to restaurant marketing and culinary consulting, and now I'm living the dream as an Account Manager for Thrillist!  A coffee connoisseur who usually orders red wine, oysters, sashimi, lamb, barbecue ribs, pasta, and/or anything with goat cheese, I'll never turn down a Moscow Mule in a copper mug. My favorite blogging topics include third wave coffee, tastings, and foodie events, especially when there's natural lighting for my DSLR!