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Morning Glory Cafe in Eugene: French Toast, Biscuits, and Vegan? Oh my!

Morning Glory on a snowy weekend morning.

On the brisk snowy mornings of the Pacific Northwest there is nothing that warms the soul more than a big, hearty, and savory breakfast. Being a vegetarian, though, it can be difficult to find such a meal to exclude bacon, sausage and eggs without ultimately settling for a mediocre bowl of oatmeal. Luckily, there is a place in Eugene, Oregon that offers delicious and wholesome breakfast and lunch options that also checks off all the boxes of a mostly vegan diet.

Morning Glory is a small breakfast and lunch café that presents a bohemian atmosphere and vegan/ vegetarian dishes proudly made from scratch and local fresh ingredients. It is the oldest vegetarian restaurants in Eugene. Due to this reputation it is a very popular spot, especially on a weekend morning, so keep that in mind before you visit and expect to wait. Thankfully, this wait will be worth it.

Morning Glory
450 Williamette Street, Eugene, OR

The Vegan Biscuits and Gravy

The dish that I highly recommend is their Vegan Biscuits and Gravy. This was the first thing I ordered during my first visit to Eugene and I can not confirm nor deny that it may have been an influence on my decision to move here from California. Biscuits and Gravy is a breakfast meal that I often crave but can not enjoy due to the gravy being traditionally made with sausage. At Morning Glory, however, they make their gravy with a mushroom base, seasoned heavily with dill, and when it coats the warm and fluffy biscuits it is a great vegan alternative that keeps me coming back. This is a menu item I order every time but on this most recent visit I wanted to change it up and try one of their sweeter options, the Vegan French Toast.

The foundation of their French Toast is the thick slices of cinnamon-raisin walnut bread. Instead of an egg batter they use a cinnamon nutmeg mixture. The toast is then served along with a blueberry-apple compote, organic maple syrup, and vegan butter.

The Vegan French Toast at Morning Glory

I’ll be honest, their interpretation of the French Toast into a vegan substitute is not as successful as their other savory dishes. The flavors where there, especially in the sweet fluffy texture of the bread that includes the crunchy surprise of the walnuts. Even the thick blueberry-apple compote was a nice fruity compliment for the toast. However, that moist and creamy element that is synonymous with French Toast was lacking due to the bread not being soaked in some kind of a diary and egg mixture. This plate was still delicious but, for me, it wasn’t entirely convincing as a French Toast.

Although a vegetarian restaurant, Morning Glory is still satisfying for the carnivore’s palette. Their food is so good that the average American eater is willing to forgo meat for at least one meal. My Husband was accompanying me this morning and he is a self-proclaimed eater of the meats. He ordered the Biscuits and Gravy for himself but because he loves me, and because he knew I was going to ask anyways, he allowed me to finish his plate. Ladies, find yourself a man who is willing to share his biscuits with you, and then take that man to Morning Glory.

Me, seconds before inhaling the plate in front of me.

New Eugene Italian Restaurant, Pastini, Takes a Pizza My Heart

There are three things I love most in the entire culinary universe: carbs, cheese, and wine. So when my husband, Jake, and I received an invitation to attend the new Pastini location’s soft open it was a no brainer as to what our response would be. It was ‘yes’ in case you were wondering.

325 Oakway Rd, Eugene, OR 97401

The Chef’s Board

Pastini Pastarias are strictly unique to Oregon with locations in Portland, Corvallis, and the newest spot opening in Eugene. They specialize in authentic Italian dishes using local, fresh ingredients. This location had a warm and comfortable interior juxtaposed with dark industrial elements influenced by the high ceiling of exposed pipes. The casual atmosphere was reflected in the servers’ uniform. Each wore a company t-shirt in what appeared to be a soft cotton, jeans, and converses in either black or red. Having worked in the food industry for years I can appreciate a business who puts their employees comfort as a priority. The displayed artwork was large yet minimal to keep focus on the true masterpieces, the food.


Subo Food Cart: Our Favorite Eugene Spot (So Far!)

I moved to Eugene in February after having lived in Los Angeles for six years. Undoubtedly, I had to make some adjustments to settle in besides the obvious finally investing in a good pair of rain boots. I had to cancel my 24-hour gym membership since that franchise hasn’t existed here for many years. I had to delete the Lyft and Uber apps from my phone since those businesses haven’t yet discovered the lucrative benefits of Eugene. With only one location of a Trader Joes on the other side of town, I had to cut back on my weekly trips to my favorite grocer.

Subo Food Cart
Located in the Whiteaker district in Eugene, OR across from the Ninkasi tasting room

One thing, however, that I did not have to accommodate upon my relocation to the Pacific Northwest is my passion for drinking and eating delicious, healthy meals. Eugene is home to multiple microbreweries as well a plethora of eateries, restaurants, and cafés. In my 11 months of residency, I have only scratched the surface of the food options this town has to offer.

During my continuous journey of Eugene food discovery, there is one neighborhood I often find myself returning to, the Whiteaker area. The Whiteaker area has the similar charm of Silver Lake or Loz Feliz in Los Angeles, minus the limits on parking, 7 dollar lattes, and the smug disingenuous hipster attitude. Within walking distance you can have a vegan breakfast at New Day Bakery, have tacos for lunch at Tacovore, then an authentic BBQ dinner at Papa’s Soul Food Kitchen, followed by a whiskey nightcap at Izakaya Meiji. Needless to say, there are many options within this little hippie neighborhood. Including my all-time favorite thing to eat in all of Eugene.

So much flavor to come from such a tiny food truck.
So much flavor to come from such a tiny food truck.

Located across the street from the large teal green walls of the Ninkasi Brewery is a small food truck that offers something unique yet packed full of flavor. Subo combines the delicate Japanese ingredients often found in sushi compacted into the familiar packaging of a Mexican burrito, creating the Sushi Burrito.

Since I am a vegetarian my go to is the hipster with avocado substituting cucumbers since cucumbers are just the worst. All within one bit of this tasty goodness you get the sweetness of the oshinko paired with the saltiness of the seaweed salad, the crunch of the crispy mushrooms complemented by the softness of the sushi rice, and then the savory asparagus. Everything is held together by a delicate sheet of seaweed. I like to smear mine in the complementary dipping mayo. My only criticism is that due to the thin seaweed the burrito shape does not hold up very well. With the flavors being so delicious I don’t mind having to use my fingers to scoop up the drippings.

The many delicious options available at Subo.
The many delicious options that are available at Subo.

Whenever there is a beautiful sunny day I can often be found in the Whiteaker area, which means during the Summer, I was probably eating at Subo once a week. I have yet to find another dish to supplant The Hipster as my favorite thing to eat in Eugene, but I am willing to accept the challenge.

The Hipster burrito sub Cucumbers for Avocado.
The Hipster burrito sub Cucumbers for Avocado.