healing tropical turmeric smoothie

Jillian’s Healing Tropical Turmeric Smoothie


healing tropical turmeric smoothie

This smoothie is my everything. ????

Not only does it contain plant-based healing properties, but it’s refreshing and delicious, and the beautiful bright orange color doesn’t hurt either! Smoothies have become part of my daily diet, and I feel like 5 million percent better than my pre-smoothie life. Humans are so used to eating processed foods, even the healthier versions of them, that sometimes eating basic raw fruits & vegetables can be a daily struggle. I know that even if I slip up and eat a whole bag of potato chips or something fried or containing gluten, I feel better knowing that smoothies got my back, and I don’t have to have a meltdown because I ruined my day with junk food.

Enter the Healing Tropical Turmeric Smoothie ? ? A coconut based smoothie with healing turmeric and ginger, banana and peaches for natural sweetness, and carrots for fiber and a pop of color.

Check out my very first recipe video for this easy to make smoothie! I’m sure there are tech-savvy 10-year-olds out there that could create a better video than this, but it was super fun to make, and I’m sure my video skills will improve from here on out. Let me know what you think! If you’re wanting to find various turmeric products and supplements, read some informational articles online that are similar to this https://kamadevayoga.com/best-turmeric-supplement/ that reviews different turmeric supplements that could result in you gaining some health benefits, whether you use these supplements in a smoothie or not!

The photo and video don’t do justice to the deep orange color you get with this smoothie. And the longer it sits, the richer the color ?

Smoothies are great to eat before a meal to curb your appetite, so you don’t overeat, and the raw fruits & veggies also help your body break down nutrients more efficiently.

Turmeric, in particular, is best consumed with a healthy fat to ensure all the amazing benefits of it are absorbed. I used coconut water in the video, but coconut milk would be a great choice thanks to its healthy fats. And if one tsp of ground turmeric is too overwhelming for your taste buds, try 1/2 teaspoon.

For another excellent turmeric drink and to see a list of the health benefits of this yellow spice superfood, check out my recipe for Turmeric Milk. It’s so tasty!

I recommend using all organic ingredients for this recipe, which you should be able to find easily at your local grocery store. The most expensive of all these ingredients is the organic ground turmeric, but it will last you a little while and is totally worth it ?


Jillian ?


I’m a born and bred Texas girl who has resided in the most un-Texas cities, Dallas and now Austin. And also very un-Texas of me, I decided to go vegan in my early 20’s. Luckily, Austin is an a-mah-zing place to be an herbivore. Here in ATX, we have phenomenal restaurants and food trucks and yes, I’m determined to consume all the veg friendly dishes in town. When I’m not out eating, I’m working on my blog Compassionate Women, where I post vegan & gluten-free recipes that are not only delicious but have a positive impact on your body and the environment. Yay! I also blog about health & beauty topics, travel, and cute furry animals. I’ve traveled to China, South Korea, and Vietnam so far, which were all interesting places to observe food culture and try new dishes. My favorite food experience overseas was consuming fresh coconuts on the beaches of Vietnam. My food obsession right now is beets – I put them in all of my baked goods! But I can also go to town on an extra large order of fries. I pay the bills by working as a freelance film maker and photographer. I’m a professional chocolate eater/coffee drinker. And I spend a lot of time snuggling with dogs. I’m very excited about joining the Girls On Food community – getting to spread my knowledge, learn from others, and connect with cool foodie chicks!