Glow Juicery in Hamilton, Ontario


Jesse Briscoe has transformed the back portion of her beautiful home into a location for Canadian franchise Glow Juicery, a company who’s goal is to challenge their customers to look at food differently. This mission resonated strongly at the opening of Glow Juicery Hamilton, which is conveniently located out of Jesse’s Kitchen. Jesse’s vision wasn’t only to build a successful business for herself, but to be able to give Hamilton education on how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Glow Juicery
35 Pine Street, Hamilton, ON, L8P 2A2, Canada

glow juiceryI had a chance to speak to founder Marnie about why this location was so special to her, and she explained to me that she thinks it’s unique because it is unlike any other location she’s helped launch.

Glow Juicery isn’t what you may think it is, to be honest, a lot of people may think that nothing that tastes this good could possibly be healthy, but it is! It’s not rabbit food; it is soul food that makes you feel energized from the mind and down. Everything from their juices to their salads and delish glow bites is nutritious and jam-packed full of ingredients that can help us power through the day. Glow sees change and is in fact, that change in this plethora of toxic options we are faced with every day that causes harm to our bodies. They deliver juices that detoxify the body, brings energy to the body and clears and restores the mind.

Glow Juicery 4

Glow Seasonal Salad

Jesse had many treats available for us to taste test while visiting her “Glow home”, the first that I tried was the Glow Seasonal Salad. This salad is packed with seasonal vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers and chickpeas and plenty of other amazing vegetables.

glow juicery 5

Nanaimo Bars

I also had a chance to try the raw vegan Nanaimo Bars, and they were absolutely delicious! I don’t think I would be able to tell the difference between a typical Nanaimo bar and the vegan ones I tried at Glow. Super chocolatey, nutty and even more delectable!

glow juicery 2

Glow bite

The Glow bites are also another favourite of mine. My favourite ingredient in this is the maple syrup, which If you’re Canadian you will appreciate! These little bites of heaven contain cashews, Medjool dates, TriPow, vanilla bean powder, and maple syrup.

There were also plenty of juice to cleanse our palates in between bites of Nanaimo bars and Glow bites. Jesse allowed us to sample the famous juices of Glow Juicery such as After Glow, Ener-G Glow, Vitamin G, and Citrus Glow.

After Glow: Spinach + Cucumber + Celery + Kale + Apple + Parsley

Ener-G Glow: Spinach + Cucumber + Pear + Celery + Chlorophyll

Vitamin G: Cucumber + Carrot + Orange + Lemon + Ginger

Citrus Glow: Orange + Lemon + Ginger + Coconut H20

glow juicery 6

Overall, such a positive experience at Glow Juicery, I will be stopping by after my long and rigorous hikes during the summer. 



Hamilton, Ontario, Canada has been my home for 24 years. Growing up in here was like growing up in little Portugal and coming from a Portuguese background myself, it could never be a bad or boring in the slightest. Food is such a big part of the Portuguese culture, which is why I grew up having such an adventurous palate and eventually becoming the foodie that I am today. In Portuguese culture it is all about coming together to eat great food, break bread, drink wine and of course having your family say “come mais” while dumping spoon loads of food onto your plate. The phrase literally means “eat more” and I vaguely remember those being the first words that came out of my mouth as a child. “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well,” Virginia Woolf was all too familiar with what it is like to be hangry in today’s society, she just said it in a more profound and intellectual way. I may not be Virginia Woolf, but I can tell you this I have made it my personal mission to make people fiend for the food I eat and the words I write about food (of course in between bites of delicious gourmet pizza). To sum everything up for you in one sentence for you all out there, I write the words for food you just cannot explain.