Let’s Meet for Lunch at Marmite in Seattle


Chophouse Row‘s newest addition is ready to serve you for lunch. Marmite (pronounced “mar meet”) has been a highly anticipated new restaurant in the Capitol Hill neighborhood in Seattle. It’s owners, Bruce and Sara Naftaly previously owned Le Gourmand, a well loved fine dining restaurant with French Classics that closed in 2012. Now they are back on the restaurant scene, and the timing couldn’t be more perfect. It’s been a very chilly winter in Seattle, and no, it’s not always raining, except this week it has been a complete downpour, and no one can drive. But what better way to stay away from the crazy streets than to cozy up for lunch!

1424 11th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122


Bruce is known for his soups. He puts a lot of TLC into them, and I promise you, they will blow you away. Bruce’s chicken and vegetable broth also has a lot of health benefits, and there is nothing more comforting than soup on a cold day. It’s been really great seeing this restaurant come together. Just a few weeks ago they had announced their soft opening. There was a slab of butcher paper with a rotating five soups and a sandwich as the menu and to-go soup cups for people to eat out of. It was awesome; it was intimate. You got to sit at the counter and watch Bruce stir giant pots of soup, and you could tell how happy he was to share his creation with others. Today I stopped by for lunch, and they had a full menu, one that I had trouble with because everything sounded so good!

Dish 1: Canadian bacon, tomato confit, avocado, arugula, garlic aioli sandwich served on a bap roll.

That Canadian bacon was no joke; there were so many bold flavors and very enjoyable. Not to mention incredibly fresh!

Dish 2: Chicken broth.

Clean. Refreshing and heartwarming. It’s not salty, and it’s perfect by itself.



Dish 3: Hachis Parmentier of Winter Vegetables

This is a French version of a classic Irish Shepard’s Pie. I have never (and I mean never) had mashed potatoes so smooth in my life! They melt in your mouth. The mixture of fresh winter vegetables are a great addition and the cheese is too die for. I love watching the cheese melt stretch out as I pulled my spoon back up. This was my favorite #foodporn dish, it’s the perfect way to warm up during this Seattle chill!

Make sure to check out Marmite; I’ll join you! Like their page on Facebook and stay tuned for updates for brunch and dinner service and the opening of their bar, Spirit In The Bottle which Sara Naftaly will run. You can also check out next door, where Sara has her bakery Amandine Bakeshop. I did a previous post about it here.

Until next time!


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