Black Briik: Your 90’s Toronto Time Machine!


Black Briik
1077 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6H 1M5

The three partners during the ribbon-cutting ceremony

Black Briik is a brand new 90’s themed restobar in Toronto that offers not only 90’s music but also 90’s style dishes. The three partners grew up together in Toronto and decided that now is the time to open up a fun, neighbourhood restobar to remind folks of the good old chill times. “Soul food meets the street” best describes their food, which rings true with 90’s music of TLC blasting in the background. I was invited to their Grand Opening a few weeks ago by Milestones Public Relations and had an amazingly fun time reminiscing and belting some childhood tunes.

I love 90’s music! Although I was born in the early 90’s, the music is what kept me moving in my life and is my true best friend. The decor of the restobar made me feel at home, and the brick interior makes the place feel super comfy and cozy. Hearing classic from TLC to Biggie Smallz to Backstreet Boys, Black Briik has the theme down pat. Once I felt at home in the environment, I couldn’t wait to see what there is to eat!

Samples of Waffle, Mac + Cheese Bites, Pulled Pork Slider, Briik Dog, Briik Chili Fries Supreme and Briik Poutine with Mushroom Gravy.

The grand opening consisted of two specialty shots and six dish samples. The samples were presented to us in a cafeteria style try to mimic the old school days. The dishes ranged from their own takes on 90’s classics (the Briik Dog) and also Canadian Favourites (Briik Poutine).

MAC + CHEESE BITES: Creamy Mac + Cheese Deep Fried with bacon

MAC + CHEESE BITES: Creamy Mac + Cheese Deep Fried with bacon

Their Mac + Cheese bites were super crunchy and nice and cheesy inside that I could not stop eating them! Truth be told, this time was only the second time that I have had mac and cheese from scratch and both times have reinforced my love for it.

BRIIK DOG: Corn and Jalapeno batter covering their “Briik sausage”; their take on the 90s Corn Dog

BRIIK DOG: Corn and Jalapeno batter covering their “Briik sausage”; their take on the 90s Corn Dog

Now, who doesn’t love deep fried stuff on a stick?! The corn dog was a treat when I was a kid; it was probably one of the few things that I knew how to cook in the oven from the freezer. When I saw this treat and took a big bite out of it, I was surprisingly shocked to see what they used for the “dog” portion; they used a Filipino Sausage called “longanisa.” With a Filipino background, longanisa is a treat that you have eaten since you were a kid and probably one of the only things that you would eat as a kid. The longanisa they used is of the sweet variety, so the flavours of the sweet longanisa and the savoury corn batter melded well and brought back childhood memories.

BRIIK CHILI FRIES SUPREME: Briik chili on top of hand cut fries.

BRIIK POUTINE WITH MUSHROOM GRAVY: Mushroom gravy with Mozzarella poured over top of hand cut fries.

I love that they have various fries based dishes which is a childhood (and still current!) favourite treat of mine. The Briik Chili Fries Supreme is a take on the Taco Bell Fries Supreme but throw in their fancy chili! Oddly enough, I have never had Chili Fries until this event, and I definitely did enjoy them! I also love that their Briik Poutine is more of a vegetarian-friendly fries dish option loaded with mushroom gravy. Their fries are hand cut and crunchy and soft at the same time, just perfect fries.

PULLED PORK SLIDER: Pork shoulder slow-cooked overnight, marinated in bourbon beer (Kentucky Bastard)

WAFFLE: Buttermilk Belgian Waffle with cheese, green onions, bacon and maple syrup.

The pulled pork slider was moist and a delicious little bite for the pork eater in your life; the bits of slaw help to add some texture and crunch for the slider. While the waffle was packed with lots of cheese, bacon, and onions; can you tell?! Just having bacon within the waffle and hanging out of it, you just know it’ll be amazing. I feel that if you were to make a sandwich/slider using the waffle as the bread and the pulled pork in the middle would be AMAZING!

SWEET BRIIK: Blue Curacao + Raspberry Sour Puss

There were two types of shots available but I (along with my table) stuck with the SWEET BRIIK. This shot consisted of Blue Curacao and Raspberry Sour Puss, which tastes like blue raspberry kool aid; definitely an Adult Juice.

Black Briik is a spot for you to hang out with some friends, enjoy old school 90’s music and enjoy some dishes inspired by the 90’s. Even if you have not experienced the 90’s for yourself, just walking into this restobar feels like you took a time machine back two decades. Drop by for a new experience in a chill environment and support a small local business in an up and coming neighbourhood.

A special thank you too, Milestones Public Relations for the invitation and giving me the opportunity to experience and promote a new local restaurant.


Shanlli is the curator and co-owner of the foodie Instagram account @SNLEats where she posts food images of local Toronto (Canada) eats, the creations of boyfriend Nico, who is a chef in training, and food from wherever they travel to! Definitely follow them on Instagram to get a glimpse of the food scene in "The Six".