JaBurritos Sushi Burritos

Sushi Burritos Hit The Vegas Strip: JaBurritos


JaBurritos Sushi Burritos
3545 S Las Vegas Blvd, Suite L12, Las Vegas, NV 89109
LINQ Promenade

JaBurritos Sushi Burritos

Imagine your parents owned a sushi restaurant when you were a kid. Now, imagine you have moved across the country and opened the first sushi burrito restaurant in Las Vegas. Now, imagine you just opened the first sushi burrito restaurant on the famed Las Vegas Strip. Ken Aoki, the owner of JaBurritos, doesn’t have to use his imagination–he recently opened his doors on the LINQ Promenade, where he offers sushi burritos, bowls, and more.

JaBurritos Sushi Burritos

A sushi burrito is a massive sushi roll, wrapped in nori, soy paper, or a tortilla and filled with a variety of options. Ken even created his own device to tightly wrap these masterpieces! JaBurritos offers sushi rice or brown rice, or you can go low-carb and fill up on veggies.

JaBurritos Sushi Burritos

The ordering concept of JaBurrito is familiar–you select burrito, bowl, or salad and then either create your own combination or choose from one of their creations. While JaBurrito is a fast casual restaurant, the food (like the taro chips made in house every day) has more in common with higher end Strip restaurants. But the biggest labor of love? Fresh fish are delivered whole and cleaned in-house.

JaBurritos Sushi Burritos

The Baja and The Kodiak

For first timers who are a little timid about sushi, Ken recommends The Long Beach, with spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, and surimi crab, because it contains many familiar ingredients found in popular sushi rolls, with a little bit of crunch from tortilla strips, cucumber, and romaine lettuce.

Not a seafood fan? Don’t fret, they offer grilled chicken and steak. Vegetarians and vegans can choose from tofu, Gardein steak, or all-veggie.

JaBurritos is a breath of fresh air in terms of fast-casual dining, offering something other than sandwiches or burgers without compromising convenience (something a busy entrepreneur appreciates in his own life). What’s his favorite thing on the menu? The Long Beach, or the Kodiak–grilled salmon, mango teriyaki, chipotle mayo, romaine lettuce, cream cheese, pico de gallo, tempura crunch, and furikake.

JaBurritos Sushi Burritos

Redondo Bowl, with Sriracha drizzle and furikake

Ken is going to be adding some adult beverages to the menu soon (this is the Las Vegas strip after all), including beer, sake bombs, micheladas with a JaBurrito twist, and what sounds like my new favorite drink: Sake Sangria, made with berries macerated in sake and sauvignon blanc.

JaBurritos Sushi Burritos

Make sure to take a stroll down the LINQ Promenade on your next Las Vegas vacation. Take in the city from the observation wheel (The High Roller), do some shopping and people watching, then stop in JaBurritos for lunch, dinner, or dessert.

JaBurritos Sushi Burritos

How cute are these DELICIOUS mochi ice cream pops?

Thanks Ken for taking time to share your passion with our Girls on Food readers, and providing me with a delicious lunch. It was hard to choose, but the Kodiak is my favorite!




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