homemade vegan vanilla whipped cream

Jillian’s Homemade Vegan Vanilla Whipped Cream


vegan vanilla whipped cream

To all the whipped cream lovers out there, no need to ever consume dairy whipped again or buy super expensive vegan whipped cream at a health foods store! Whipped cream made from coconut milk in a can has solved all these problems and more. Plus, I find it to be even more delicious than dairy whipped cream, which is so basic now? I’ve even invested in some Cream chargers too so that I can make the best whipped cream possible.

I mean, why consume a saturated fat-filled product made from a milk designed for calves, when you can eat healthy fats from coconuts and get flavor + nutrients? It’s a no brainer to me!

Watch the video below for the crazy simple recipe and then slather your homemade whipped cream on anything and everything you want. I’ve used it in the morning as a topping on oatmeal, chocolate chia seed pudding, and even coffee. I’ve also used it to top baked goods, banana nice cream, and even my black teas ?? Basically, it’s amazing on everything!

Once you make this vegan vanilla whipped cream, you’ll always want to have a fresh batch in your fridge and you won’t want to go back to regular ‘ol dairy.

Ingredients You Will Need:

  • 1 can of full fat coconut milk (I use Native Forest brand because it’s organic and the can is BPA free!)
  • 1 tsp maple syrup
  • 1 cap of pure vanilla extract

Now the fun begins!

See how easy that is? This recipe will last you about 2-3 days, unless you’re nice enough to share with others, then it will last 2.5 seconds.

Check out the full recipe below!

  1. Store your can of coconut milk in the fridge overnight to harden.
  2. When you open the can, scoop out the solids and set aside the liquid (it’s great for smoothies).
  3. Using a KitchenAid or a large bowl & beaters, add the maple syrup and vanilla extract, then whip until fluffy. It only takes a minute.
  4. Add to vegan ice cream, desserts, coffee, oatmeal, chia seed pudding or whatever you like!
  5. Store in a sealed container in the fridge.

homemade whipped cream


Jillian ?


I’m a born and bred Texas girl who has resided in the most un-Texas cities, Dallas and now Austin. And also very un-Texas of me, I decided to go vegan in my early 20’s. Luckily, Austin is an a-mah-zing place to be an herbivore. Here in ATX, we have phenomenal restaurants and food trucks and yes, I’m determined to consume all the veg friendly dishes in town. When I’m not out eating, I’m working on my blog Compassionate Women, where I post vegan & gluten-free recipes that are not only delicious but have a positive impact on your body and the environment. Yay! I also blog about health & beauty topics, travel, and cute furry animals. I’ve traveled to China, South Korea, and Vietnam so far, which were all interesting places to observe food culture and try new dishes. My favorite food experience overseas was consuming fresh coconuts on the beaches of Vietnam. My food obsession right now is beets – I put them in all of my baked goods! But I can also go to town on an extra large order of fries. I pay the bills by working as a freelance film maker and photographer. I’m a professional chocolate eater/coffee drinker. And I spend a lot of time snuggling with dogs. I’m very excited about joining the Girls On Food community – getting to spread my knowledge, learn from others, and connect with cool foodie chicks!