Warung Indonesia d’Eglinton in Toronto


Warung Indonesia d’Eglinton
2439 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M4P 2E7

Exterior photo courtesy of Warung Indonesia d’Eglinton

Warung Indonesia d’Eglinton roughly translates into Indonesian Small Family Restaurant at Eglinton. You can find this restaurant a couple of blocks north of a relatively busy business area of Yonge and Eglinton. They serve Indonesian style food in a comfortable and homey environment and prepare their food from scratch to order which allows you the time to just relax in the atmosphere. Recently, my boyfriend and I were invited to a media tasting of this restaurant from DKLO Events and had our first try of Indonesian food!

Toronto is a fairly multicultural city. However, it ‘s hard to come by new cuisines if you are not already familiar with it or if not recommended. This Indonesian restaurant specializes in providing their customers with customized meals. What do I mean by that? They offer a “Set Your Own Meal” option where you can choose two veggie appetizers, one veggie appetizer, and one entree served with rice. This tasting provided us with this opportunity to set our own meal!


Veggie Appetizer: Fried Potato Patties

My favourite veggie appetizer were these fried potato patties! You can never really go wrong with fried potato, but when you add in their seasoning and herbs, it brings the flavours to the next level.

Veggie Appetizer: Deep Fried Marinated Tofu and Tempeh

These little bites are sweet and crispy! Whatever they marinate the tofu and tempeh it brings out a sweet, savoury tone that helps to round out a savoury meal.

Veggie Appetizer: Salad in Bali Sauce

For those that don’t want your meal to be too heavy this salad is on the light side. It may look like a simple dish, but it has a slightly spicy flavour to it that leaves you wanting to eat more.


Non-Veggie Appetizer: Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce

Chicken satay may seem like a typical dish, but Warung Indonesia d’Eglinton definitely makes it right. The chicken was still very moist while the peanut sauce added another level of flavour.

Non-Veggie Appetizer: Eggs in Bali Sauce

Another deep fried item you cannot go wrong! Not only are eggs a delicious food source but once it’s deep fried, it’s even more delicious. The sauce is slightly sweet as well to help cut the oil and the yolky-ness of the egg.


Entree: Rendang (West Sumatra Curried Beef) Sides: Deep Fried Marinated Tofu and Tempeh, Fried Potato Patties and Eggs in Bali Sauce

I chose the entree of Rendang (West Sumatra Curried Beef) with sides of Deep Fried Marinated Tofu and Tempeh, Fried Potato Patties and Eggs in Bali Sauce. The curried beef was very tender and wasn’t too strong on the curry taste

Entree: Central Java Fried Chicken
Sides: Salad in Bali Sauce, Fried Potato Patties, and Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce.

My Chef-in-training boyfriend, Nico, chose the entree of Central Java Fried Chicken with sides of Salad in Bali Sauce, Fried Potato Patties and Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce. Nico got their savoury fried chicken thigh which was very moist and was seasoned well; a simple fried chicken, done well.


The Specials: Tongseng Ayam (Spiced Curry Chicken)

Tongseng Ayam (Spiced Curry Chicken) This curry dish was on the thinner side of curry but still contained the curry flavour you would come to expect. The chicken was very tender and had a bit of heat that blended well with the vegetables that were cooked in with it.

Eggplant Curry

While this curry was on the thicker and richer side of curry dishes and it was a table favourite. This curry is vegetarian and carries more of a spice level that has you wanting more.

Homemade Hot Sauce

Obviously, this is not an actual dish that they sell, but it is a hot sauce that they do offer. Depending on how much heat you can take, it does have a flavourful spice level that keeps it more on the savoury side. Since it’s more on the savoury side, you can have this as a vegetable side dish with your rice.

If you have never had Indonesian food and want to try it out, I definitely recommend Warung Indonesia d’Eglinton! Not only is the food delicious and the prices are good, but they offer the “Set Your Own Meal” option which allows you to try multiple items. Head out and support our local and small family businesses!

A special thank you to, DKLO Events, for the invitation and giving us the opportunity to try Indonesian food at a small family restaurant.


Shanlli is the curator and co-owner of the foodie Instagram account @SNLEats where she posts food images of local Toronto (Canada) eats, the creations of boyfriend Nico, who is a chef in training, and food from wherever they travel to! Definitely follow them on Instagram to get a glimpse of the food scene in "The Six".