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I was invited to try Feastly, an online marketplace connecting epicurean customers to pop-up events hosted by their choice in a chef. Being a “Feaster”, I hopped onto their site and found a brunch that peaked my interest. I had already heard of Chef AC Boral’s Rice and Shine Brunches, he’s established a cult-following all over the country, so when I saw he was one of the chefs I could purchase a feast with, I was beyond giddy. The pop-up was easy to book on their site and I looked forward to his Filipino-American brunch.

Newberry Lofts

Currently, Feastly’s headquarters are located in San Francisco but they have 2 event hosting locations in LA, one in the heart of DTLA (Newberry Lofts) and one just off Abbot Kinney Blvd in Venice (The Bocca). Rice and Shine was hosted at the Newberry Lofts in the heart of the Arts District. The Newberry is a turn-of-the century warehouse, turned renovated loft building. This Feastly loft is open with exposed brick walls, a high ceiling, wood columns and exposed beams.

The Feastly loft reminded me of the time I toured a food video network; there is a nearly professional-grade kitchen, lots of equipment and space to work in. The dining area is camera friendly with an ample amount of natural lighting. But what tops having a photo-friendly location is sharing a table with fellow feasters who were as enthusiastic about the food as I was.

Calamansi Mimosa Bottle Service

I asked the other feasters how they knew about Chef AC and majority of them are fans of his from previous pop-up brunches. Feastly is an innovative way for chefs to connect with their fans and provides them an opportunity to gain a bigger following.

In addition to a feast, beer and wine can be purchased for a supplemental fee. This brunch featured a Calamansi Mimosa Bottle Service (meaning you get the bottle to share… or keep to yourself). Considering I was sitting with fellow feasters that I haven’t met before, offering to share my bottle was an instant ice-breaker.

Chef AC’s standard menu features an appetizer, 3 small plates, 2 entrees and a dessert. Let the epic feast begin!

Halo Halo Parfait

For those not familiar with halo-halo (translates to “mixed together” in Tagalog), it’s a popular Filipino dessert. Traditionally, halo-halo is shaved ice and evaporated milk which gets a mix of various ingredients, including boiled sweet beans, coconut, jellies and fruits. Chef AC puts his own spin on this classic by adding his choice of various ingredients (pili nut granola, melon, crispy rice) to mango yogurt. Although I may have missed the way the shaved ice freezes the various ingredients (one of those childhood tastes I loved), the temperature of the yogurt allows you to appreciate the textures of the various ingredients. The Halo Halo Parfait is a light start to start this gluttonous brunch.

Sisig Chilaquiles

Often times, Filipino cuisine reminds me of Mexican food, Chef AC mentioned he also feels they’re similar as he set down his dish of Sisig Chilaquiles.

Traditionally, Sisig is not for the faint of heart, it’s made with parts of the pig’s head and liver, marinated in juices and vinegars. However, Chef AC made this batch with pork belly, a more common cut for the squeamish. The chips are topped with a salsa verde, cojita cheese, radish, avocado slices and a chicharron dust I loved the briny and tangy flavors it brings to the chilaquiles.

Ube Mochi Waffles

The Ube Mochi Waffles were an absolute dream. These waffles are topped with a drizzle of coco jam and on the side is a scoop of ensaymada butter. The ensaymada butter is creamy, sweet and a little cheesy.

Although I would’ve been happy with this item as a dessert, it was a nice contrast in flavor from the previous meaty dish.

Dad’s Fried Chicken
Chef AC and his friend having fun in the Feastly kitchen

Chef AC cooked us his Dad’s Fried Chicken as a tribute to his recently deceased father (RIP William Boral, 1965-2017). I always say the best food is cooked with love and pure love came through in every bite of this fried chicken.

The chicken is juicy and moist on the inside, but the skin was so crisp and beautifully seasoned. I kept pulling it off to savor on its own. Yes, I squirted some of that Del Monte ketchup on the skin. It was William’s favorite way to eat fried chicken and from this brunch, it has now become mine.

Ensaladang Kamatis

The Ensaladang Kamatis is a tomato salad, common in the Philippines. Chef AC put his own spin on it adding salted duck egg gribiche. A gribiche is a cold sauce made by emulsifying a hard boiled egg. The texture is interesting, a little bit grainy. (I would consider it an acquired taste!) But when I mixed it with the Sinangag (garlic rice), it was a match made in heaven.

Chef AC Boral slicing his Longanisa Scotch Egg

The Longanisa Scotch Egg is a Filipino take on a Scotch egg. Chef AC makes his own Longanisa sausage, which is similar to chorizo. The sausage molds to the soft boiled egg, then he coats it in a pinipig (crispy rice) for an extra crunch, then it gets deep fried.

This Scotch egg is such a rich dish, I could only finish a half. (you saw what I ate before!) What I love most about this egg is that it’s served just a little bit runny in the middle. The yolk adds a buttery flavor that pairs beautifully with the meaty sausage.



M’Honey Bonbon

M’Honey Bonbon is a minty Belgian chocolate sweetened with Batangas honey. Batangas honey comes from its’ titular region in the Philippines, which is known for their beautiful beaches. I may have a fear of bees but if the honey is that good, and the beaches are that beautiful, I know where I’m booking my next vacay! As much as I would’ve loved a decadent dessert, I’m happy Chef AC decided to keep it light!

Feastly is coming to foodies in a time when we’re being inundated with businesses striving to compete to be the next “it” way to fill seats. What separates Feastly from the other start-ups, is their family-style approach to everything. Chef AC’s family assists him in creating his dishes. The food is served family style. The feasters, I feel, have become a part of my foodie family. Feastly is a fantastic way to bring chefs to their following. I’m already booking next event this very second, if you want to join my Feastly foodie-family, I’m checking out their Venice location on Wednesday, April 26th for Salt & Wind Presents: Baja Nights. Chef Ted Montoya (who made Zagat’s annual 30 under 30 in 2016) will be serving up Baja bites on this menu. Join me, won’t you?

To get $10 in Feastly credit, use this link:

If you want to keep up with Chef AC Boral, follow his Instagram @acboral


APR 30 | @Feastly (DTLA) [SOLD OUT]

MAY 13+14 | @Romeo Chocolates – Mother’s Day Edition! (Long Beach)

MAY 21 | @Feastly (Venice)

JUN 4 | @Feastly (DTLA)

JUN 11 | @Boral Family Home! (Oxnard)

JUN 18 | @Feastly (Venice)

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  1. ohmygosh this WAS a feast! the food kept coming and coming! looked and sounded delicious. i like that there were at least three courses i’d consider as dessert, too 🙂

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