Megan’s Foodie Tour of Baltimore


I had written about Baltimore previously when I journeyed with my skeeball team in toe to compete in The Skeeball Nationals, but upon my return, I discovered so much more than the magical aquarium. There’s an entire other side of the harbor. Hold onto your crab shells because I’m about to make you fall in love with Fell’s Point.

One of the most exciting stops on my trip this time around was The American Visionary Arts Museum. Lauded by CNN as one of the best museums in the country this quirky, wonderful oasis features creations from self-taught artists and calls upon some of their favorites from all mediums to talk about FOOD!  That’s right; I spent a delicious afternoon navigating the halls of AVAM learning and experiencing unique installations about our favorite topic. NOMS.

American Visionary Arts Museum
800 Key Hwy, Baltimore, MD 21230

Upon entering this food phantasm, the walls are lined with some of the cheekiest confessions about how people counteract our cultural relationship with how much we acceptably eat, order, or what we clandestinely desire. If you’re familiar with Post Secret-they offered some of their most bizarre and fun food confessions as the four featured below.

Is this my Uncle? No, seriously, I think this might be a self-portrait.

Willie decked out in corn kernels.

Yes!  The Swedish Chef is really one of my personal heroes THE SWEDISH CHEF made entirely out of The Easter Candy Peeps. He-a’ll nefer cetch oune-a ouff Gunzu’s fefurite-a cheeckens. Bork Bork Bork! Yes, I found a translator. And yes, absolutely waste the next ten minutes of your life using it.

Jerry Beck and The Revolving Museum’s 2016 Community Bread Wall Art Project was a program which encourages the youth of the Miami Public Schools to incorporate expired and stale bread items and create these “bread-taking” works of art. They tackled issues such as hunger, homelessness, personal identity, ethnicity, ecological sustainability, social and economic issues.  Some pieces took up almost half the wall and were each unique. One can only hope that we can continue to encourage children to learn about food sustainability and the future of our ecosystem in such inspiring ways.

After my day of food learnin’-I was inspired toward The Rusty Scupper.  Right off the water taxi, it’s a must try destination for the weary B-More traveler.

The Rusty Scupper
402 Key Hwy, Baltimore, MD 21230

Make no scup’s about it, this place is a tried and true buffet but what a fantastic deal. At the low cost of $44 per person, they offer a variety of comfort food, Southern creations, and unlimited champagne, mimosas, or sangria. The seafood mac & cheese was a definite stand-out, savory with bright chunks of seafood nestled in the cheese. YUM.

My signature head cocked holding an alcoholic beverage face.

Bread pudding.  Meow.

A veritable seafood festivus featuring P.E.I. Muscles, steamed shrimp, old bay home fries, blue point oysters and more. You definitely want to sport a pair of drawstring pants when you saunter into this maze of treats.

They also have a sheet cake with their insignia on it because they understand the huge life force that is branding. The cake was fluffy and excellent. Coconut icing and vanilla always make me swoon.

1629 Thames Street, Baltimore, MD, 21231

A self-described waterfront “Mexican Inspired Restaurant and Social Scene”, the entire set-up was begging to help one celebrate Memorial Day with their everyday offer of bottomless mimosa brunch for just an additional $13.  I’m so happy we took a moment to experience this gem right next to the harbor before we hightailed it back to NYC to avoid holiday traffic.

Crab Guacamole

Their weekday brunch has many interesting items to choose from. I couldn’t have been happier with our Crab Guacamole featured above with jumbo lump crab, pomegranate seeds, spicy Thai red chili sauce, green mango and micro basil. This flavor construction was fresh, zesty, and on point. I also have to give them props for their crunchy tortilla chips. I always feel like the perfect guac is paired with the perfect corn chip.

Maple Sausage Pancake Sliders

We decided to split our brunch entrees.  Just take a deep breath before I explain these Maple Sausage Pancake Sliders. OFF. THE. CHAIN.

Their playful take on eggs benedict with their “maple hollandaise” sounded decadent. Not to mention, the plating sounded fanciful, featuring those beautiful green accents. But when I eyed the Butternut Squash Enchiladas on the menu, I needed a taste. It ignited all my childhood pleasure centers, remembering the sweet butternut squash concoction my grandmother would serve at Thursday night dinner. This entree highlighting poblano rajas, fresh sage, charred poblano amaretto salsa, and apple cider cream was delightful. Savory and sweet paired to make the meal an absolute A+.

V-No Wine Bar
905 S Ann St, Baltimore, MD 21231

Nestled directly next to Baltimore Harbor’s cheeky booze cruise the Urban Pirate is V-No. While I didn’t don an eye patch and swig back some Natty-Bo’s with the best of them I did serenely sit at this sidewalk wine destination sipping prosecco and watching all of the older folks get ready to walk the plank. Our server explained that the pirate ship which is a fun child attraction by day turns into a wild, rowdy booze cruise in the evening hours. AHOY fun!

V-No is a place for any age.  My mother and I sat next to a group of young ladies who promptly ordered the prosecco, and I had to follow suit.  They also sell by the glass and inside it’s a wine shop so if you enjoy what you sipped on, head inside and take home a bottle.

Cheese Plate

They offer some nibbles. We went for the Cheese Plate featuring a selection of cheeses around the world, French bread, and olives. Mostly, the ambiance was the perfect way to wish away the afternoon as the sun peeked out on occasion and it honestly felt as though summer had begun.  Plus, check out that adorable Veuvre Clicquot bucket!! I feel like I’m at The Governor’s Island Polo Match.

The Thames Street Oyster House
1728 Thames Street,  Baltimore, MD 21231

And finally, where would I be without a stop by one of the primo destinations in Fell’s Point?  This throwback seafood eatery gets booked up quickly with reservations. However, PRO TIP-if you’re in the area around 11:30 am you can get a seat at the bar. That’s what we did, and you’ll find no complaints here. The bartender was quick, efficient, and greeted everyone with a smile. Plus, she made a killer Grey Goose extra dirty vodka martini.

They have an ala carte oyster menu that you can check off what you’d like to try.

We both sampled the Rhode Island Fluke Ceviche made with coconut, ginger, lime, red onion, avocado, radish, and cilantro.  The presentation was stunning and so crisp and zesty to taste.  A definite win!

The next time you’re heading south and want a fun atmosphere with a plethora of outdoor shops and eateries crab walk over to Fell’s Point.  If you’re looking for a party, the late night scene is pretty fierce, but even if you’re hunting for a relaxing getaway, the daytime speed will tickle your fancy.  It has a little something for everyone (and apparently a new hotel that Tom Brady stays at occasionally).


Born in Virginia and raised on the mean streets of Garden City, Long Island, I’ve learned to appreciate any type of cuisine from a late night burrito and tatcho’s to a tasting menu and wine pairing. I’m a bit of an adventurer when it comes to food and am always up for an eating challenge where I can find one. I may or may not have eaten sixteen chili tacos to become “The Taco Queen” of a small hole in the wall Mexican eatery. I also couldn’t help myself from ordering whale in Oslo (please don’t tell Green Peace) and can’t resist a zany menu choice. A writer and performer, I like to pair my meals with a good play and you can find my reviews on New York Theatre Guide. Baking is a guilty pleasure and I’m constantly preparing confectionaries with surprises inside. I hope one day to compile all my recipes into one called “Get Stuffed”.I’m looking forward to the next culinary adventure I carve out and sharing them with you. I may just need to create an entire series devoted to “did they really just make this Asian/Mexican/Korean/Italian fusion a food truck?”. Cheers!