Although the Westside of LA has plenty of restaurants to choose from, there is a lack in restaurants not owned by corporate chains. I was craving some serious comfort food with that “made from scratch” taste. When I read about Doma Kitchen, I knew it be a great spot to check out, cause “doma” translates into “home” in Slavic. I decided to drop by and taste their take on Eastern European and Central Asian inspired dishes.

Doma Kitchen
4325 Glencoe Ave #8, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

Owner Angelika Corrente and her little Doma baby

What I love about the space is that it has a duality in character, it has a rustic and a modern feel. The main room gives off a casual vibe with small tables and one raised communal table. In the second room, you feel like you’re in someone’s home.

I am so glad to have met the owner Angelika Corrente because you get to understand the reason and creation of how and why Doma came to be. Chef Kristina Miksyte is a Lithuanian native who supplies Doma Kitchen with all their fantastic dishes.



Chicken Pelmont Soup

I was there at lunchtime and you can choose from either the brunch menu or the regular menu during that time. If you want to try the best dumpling soup (that I now crave constantly!) order the Chicken Pelmont Soup. These ground chicken dumplings are in a delightful, savory broth topped with fresh dill. It’s the type of soup that makes you just want to drink the soup from the bowl and forget the spoon!

To start, be sure to order a French Press for 2, the coffee is supplied by Red Bay Coffee, a small batch roaster from Oakland. It’s some of the strongest, brightest coffee my guest has ever tasted, and she’s a hardcore coffee drinker. Their Fresh House-Made Pastries Bakers Basket usually comes with 3 pastries, but we ordered a little extra so we decided to leave it at 2 to taste. These bites are fresh out the oven and so buttery.

Their top waffle is the Very Berry Waffle. It’s seasonal berries, with chocolate sauce and whip cream. This Belgian Waffle was so good, I wish I could claim my family created it… but my last name is transposed by two letters with the g and i, Beligan… Oh well, there goes my 15 minutes of fame.

Brighton Beach Benedict-Things that make you go, “Ooh!”

When it comes to brunch, I am an Eggs Benedict gal at heart, so Doma Kitchen’s Brighton Beach Benedict hit the spot. It’s two potato latkes, arugula, smoked salmon, two poached eggs, Hollandaise sauce, onions, and capers. Are you full yet, just looking at it? This is a filling take on a brunch classic, one of these could satisfy two diners.

Doma Kitchen also happens to be in a great location in Marina Del Rey, close to movie theaters, bookstores, and shopping vendors. Owner Angelika is also promoting artwork that takes place once a month and music performances twice a month, so stay tuned to their website. Be sure to drop in for some bites and check out art and live performances as well!

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