Oh, Yes!: Brunch at O + O Sicilian Kitchen in Santa Monica


Last year, when O + O Sicilian Kitchen opened in Santa Monica, Girls on Food (and our pal Meagan, aka @caffeineaddictfoodie)  had an absolute blast there. I love that the atmosphere is beachy and laid-back, but the food and drinks are high quality. We’re happy to let you know they now have a weekend brunch!

O + O Sicilian Kitchen 
1705 Ocean Ave Suite #11, Santa Monica, CA 90401

On the last visit, Meagan and I pestered Head Bartender Sam into creating a caffeinated cocktail for her. Sam took us up on this challenge and instantly concocted the Caffettoso: espresso, Amaro Averna, Kahlua, and vodka with lemon zest. We’re very pleased to see this drink, which will keep you wide awake during your boozy brunch, has since been added to their brunch menu!

Bottomless Sparkling and Spritz’s – Mimosa, Aperol Spritz, Bellini

O+O’s Bottomless Brunch Menu (Saturdays and Sundays 11 AM – 3 PM) might just be one of the best damn brunch deals in all of Los Angeles! For $20 per person, not only do you get bottomless Mimosas, Aperol Spritzes and Bellinis, but your table also gets one tasting platter, including an ample amount of Italian cheeses, olives and other delicious starters. It’s one per table, but that’s still a fantastic package that’ll keep you full if you’re sipping the day away.

Bottomless Brunch Menu – Antipasto Tasting Platter

Their mimosa is a combo of prosecco and blood orange juice, while the bellini is prosecco with peach puree… but the Aperol Spritz is my favorite. Nothing beats this combo of prosecco and blood orange juice with a bitter Aperol kick.

Breakfast Arancini

The Breakfast Arancini are fried to a crisp on the outside but the ricotta, mushroom and spinach mixture keeps them creamy on the inside. These guys are hot upon arrival so be careful before plunging right in!

Burrata Salad Pizza

It’s never too early for pizza! The Burrata Salad Pizza is certainly a million times better than the leftover pizza in my fridge! I love the nutty pesto as the sauce, the heirloom tomatoes were fresh and juicy and the crust was perfectly not-too-thin but also not-too-thick; somewhere in between, just the way I like it! The burrata is not too watery but it’s thick enough to spread onto each slice.

Baked Anduja Eggs

I loved the Baked Anduja Eggs. These soft eggs are baked with spicy salami, tomato sauce and fresh ricotta. This is a hearty, savory, meaty dish, I think it’s plenty for 2 people to split as a starter.

Poached Egg, Quinoa and Kale Salad

For those of you watching your girlish figures, the Poached Egg, Quinoa and Kale Salad would be right up your alley. Peas, asparagus, broccolini and pomegranate also appear in bites with a touch of a light vinaigrette.

We’ll be back to O + O Sicilian Kitchen soon to try even more of their fantastic brunch! But seriously, we’re all about that Bottomless Brunch Menu — that’s a steal in Los Angeles!


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