Five Things People Wish They Had in the 80’s


If you’re a middle-aged adult in your 50’s, chances are you’ve seen young people enjoying things you never could have back in the 1980’s. Besides making one feel old, it also makes you wonder what new things will be created in the next decade. Here are five things that middle-aged adults would have loved to have in the 80’s.


Most older adults can’t even imagine what it would be like if they had had access to cellphones back in high school. When you were a teenager, if you wanted to make a call you used a landline. There were no text messages. A video phone call sounded like science fiction back in the 80’s, but now it’s a realty. How different life would have been as teens.


Back in the 80’s, no one imagined that computers would grow into what they are today. Everyone has their own computer or laptop. Just the idea of internet when middle-aged folks were young is unfathomable. Add social media to the mix and you wonder how you ever survived without it. One can only speculate as to what high school or college would have been like with the help of the internet.


More and more young people are using e-cigarettes opposed to regular tobacco. A 510 vape battery definitely didn’t exist in our parents times. A couple of decades ago, people didn’t even know the damages smoking would do. Heck, thirty years ago you didn’t have the option to vape. Today, people can use vaporizers with lower levels of nicotine than cigarettes and with aromas and vape oils such as Naked 100 ejuice that are much more pleasant than cigarette smoke. Something that people from the 80’s can relate to is these teenagers using fake ID to purchase tobacco or e-cigarette products. The only difference is that Rhode island Fake ID nowadays is of a higher quality and teenagers are being much more successful in their purchase.


Long gone are the days of almost total privacy. Drones are used in all types of surveillance. On the bright side, drones can take people places they never would have thought possible. Now you can experience the view over cliffs, waterfalls and inside volcanoes. Anyone can own a drone and film fascinating things.

Video Streaming

Back in the 1980’s, VCR’s were the rage. It was a dream come true to watch almost any movie whenever you wanted by going to the video store and renting one. Today, movies are literally at one’s fingertips with all the streaming services available.

A Simpler Time

The fact is that young adults today have an unbelievable amount of advantages to make their lives easier. Though many fantasize about how their lives may have been different with these gadgets and services, it’s doubtful they would change things if they could. There’s something to be said about a simpler time when things moved a little slower and face-to-face conversations were the norm.


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