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Eagle Rock Brewing’s Women’s Beer Forum is Where All the Cool Ladies Are

Every craft beer loving girl out there can relate – you’re at a bar, and you spot a delicious IPA on their tap list. You excitedly approach the bar, ready to order your delicious beverage of choice. You tell the bartender your order, and he looks at you and goes, “Are you sure? That’s a really hoppy beer.”

Eagle Rock Brewery 
3056 Roswell Street, Los Angeles, CA 90065


Sadly, this is a familiar scene to those of us ladies who like our beer. But never fear, we are banding together to create girl power beer clubs. The folks at Eagle Rock Brewing have been hosting the Women’s Beer Forum for four years. Each month they host a ladies’ only event that spotlights different local breweries, women in the industry, and spectacular beer and food pairings.

I visited their Women’s Beer Forum while they were hosting Arts District Brewing and it was such a fun night! Arts District Brewing is a brand new LA based brewery putting out some fantastic beers, and their head brewer is a lady brewer to boot! We got to try some brand new experimental beers, as well as, some tried and true favorites. Plus, stick around after for a tasting flight of Eagle Rock Brewing’s very own beers, you won’t be disappointed!

The head brewer from Arts District Brewing pouring some beer!

Overall, I was very impressed with all five of the Arts District Brewing beers we tried that night, The Traction IPA and Puerto Rico Porter were both fantastic beers, and we also got to try several new brews. Their head brewer clearly knows what she’s doing.  She has worked with Pizza Port Brewing among others and has several awards under her belt. We stuck around afterwards and tried a few of Eagle Rock Brewing’s beers, which were also fantastic.

It was an incredible experience to be surrounded by such amazing women who both loved beer but were also working so hard in the craft beer industry. There is much to be learned and lots of wonderful women to meet at the beer forum. So if you want to hang out with your fellow beer loving ladies, make sure you get on their mailing list so you can visit.
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Sunday Funday: Brunch at Leona in Venice

NyeshaI had the pleasure of meeting executive chef Nyesha Arrington (of Top Chef and Knife Fight) at a party/tasting celebrating the opening of her new spot Leona, in Venice. The tasting was fantastic and had me salivating for the opening. When I heard it was going to be located on Washington Blvd, I was a little apprehensive about that. I’ve lived Venice over 2 years now and I can honestly say, I never make it past Abbot Kinney Blvd. If you’re on Washington Blvd and move east toward Lincoln Blvd, there is a decent amount of ethnically diverse restaurants, as well as foodie favorites, but towards the beach, there’s more of a tourist trap vibe (The Whaler, Cabo Cantina, Islands). Leona sits a lot closer to the beach than the usual food blogger havens, so I had my guard up. Especially since the beachside of Washington Blvd. can be a little overwhelming with traffic on the weekends.

123 Washington Blvd.
Venice, CA 90291

LeonaLuckily for us, Leona is a breath of fresh air for the beachside Washington Blvd scene. I hope Leona’s presence makes a big enough splash to bring in better culinary delights for this part of the block. My girlfriends and I went to the soft open for their brunch over the past weekend and it definitely met the Girls on Food standards for a solid Sunday Funday. Mimosas, great food and a laid back atmosphere. Nyesha defines Leona as “California Progressive Cuisine”, and I think that’s a perfect description for the menu. The brunch items are appropriate to the current season with a melting pot feel of flavors, Italian, Dutch and Korean are represented. I was bummed out the infamous Chicken Brick that I have read so much about online wasn’t offered during brunch. It’s becoming a signature item (according to my online stalking), so I would’ve loved to have seen it incorporated in this menu. Maybe next time?

peach mimosaMimosas are mandatory for a girlie Funday. I had their peach mimosa and I love that it was delicately peach flavored; it didn’t have that overkill-syrupy taste a lot mimosas have. One of my friends had the passion fruit mimosa, which had a beautiful magenta color and also scored points with me for not being too sweet. These were great sweet spins on a classic drink.


We started with Korean Latkes, a Jewish potato pancake with a kick. If you’re sensitive to spices, you should dip it in the dollop of creme fraiche provided before a bite. I loved the kick personally. I also gushed over the presentation. I love the offering of herbs, fresh pepper and sea salt to sprinkle on it.



After our savory start, we shared Brown Butter Pancakes and California Benedict. The pancakes were to die for. They have that sweet and savory flavor combination that brings this foodie down her knees. The whipped coconut cream and sea-salt vanilla butter on top melt and get soaked up by the pancake, so there’s a buttery flavor to every bite. If you really love that sweet and savory flavor, order a side of their bacon and add that on top of your pancake. It’s smoky, very thick and has the right amount of fat.



The California Benedict is aesthetically impressive plate and caters to coastal tastebuds. The fried soft shell crab rests on top an English muffin, with avocado and topped with poached eggs, then covered in a tomato hollandaise. I haven’t had soft shell crab added to a benedict before, so this was a unique treat for me.

I recommend all Venice locals give the brunch here a taste and I’m looking forward to coming in for dinner. There’s a variety of seating here, ranging from indoor, outdoor, wine bar and countertop. These options cater to pretty much anyone. The atmosphere is very “California”, it’s nice, but there’s no pressure to dress up. Be prepared to either ride a bike or take an Uber here. Parking can cost up to $25 and there isn’t a valet system set up there yet. This spot is still technically in a soft open, so there’s time for them to find their legs.

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