Sneak Preview of Wanderlust Creamery in LA


IMG_6357This week I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview of Wanderlust Creamery which is gearing up for their grand opening this Friday. I got to sit down with the owners Adrienne, a food science major and former cocktail consultant, and JP, attorney turned ice cream slinger.

Wanderlust Creamery
18511 Ventura Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 91356

IMG_6356Wanderlust is one of few shops that is certified as a micro-dairy plant and makes everything in house. They most likely will have worked with refrigeration companies to get all the necessary equipment on-site and up-and-running in order to make their signature ice cream flavors and put them on display at an optimal temperature. They pride themselves on their innovative flavors, high quality, and attention to details. Indeed Adrienne is amazing, she makes everything from scratch, including macarons which will be served as ice cream sandwiches!

I got to try 8 of their flavors and can’t wait to go back for more. Read on for what you can expect at Wanderlust, I love the destination inspiration for many of the flavors, including Filipino inspired ice creams.

wanderlustHojicha Burnt Honey– A roasted green tea and darkened honey flavor, this was one of my favorites! The flavors were subtle and elusive enough that you just have to eat more!

Sweet Cream + Coconut Beurre Noisette– A sweet cream ice cream sprinkled with homemade coconut beurre noisette, fried coconut fat solids. If you love coconut this is for you!

Palo Santo.Fresh Mint.Dark Chocolate– Palo Santo comes from a tree in the Amazon, considered a holy tree it is often burned as you might burn sage. It has a subtle minty smell. Combined with the mint and dark chocolate this is not your average mint chip!

Smoky Road– The chocolate ice cream in this Rocky Road inspired ice cream was so rich and creamy! It’s inspired by camping with handmade marshmallows, hickory smoked almonds, and elder smoked sea salt.


Fig Leaf + Pistachio– This one is inspired by the Mediterranean, using fig leaves instead of the expected fruit.

Pretzel + Carmelized Rye Crumb– I love salty-sweet combos so this was one of my favorites! Sweet ice cream with real pretzels and the carmelized rye crumbs hail from Icelandic cuisine.

Sticky Rice & Mango– It tastes just like it’s name sake and its vegan, Adrienne makes her own rice milk for this delightful concoction!

Earl Grey Sundae– I’m already a fan of earl grey ice cream but adding maldon sea salt and a drizzle of bergamot olive oil just sends this one over the edge!

IMG_6345For added fun try your favorite flavors on one of Adrienne’s handmade cones, you can choose from brown butter, ube, or matcha. They open this Friday in a space which has had it’s own Cinderella transformation. An abandoned Cold Stone, JP and Adrienne have transformed it to a welcoming, bright space. When asked “why ice cream?”, Adrienne simply cites that she loves ice cream which is probably the best reason possible. She also has a little bit of family history, her grandfather was a flavor chemist for Asian ice cream company Magnolia. (That’s also where her grandparents met, at the ice cream factory. It’s just too cute!) Obviously, Adrienne doesn’t do anything half way, I can’t wait to see where she goes with Wanderlust. Stop by and enjoy some ice cream!IMG_6354

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    August 26, 2015

    Next time I’m in your neighborhood

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    August 28, 2015

    Thanks for posting! Come back soon, we have 2 new flavors for you to try! 🙂