Bombay Palace in Beverly Hills


When it comes to Indian food in Los Angeles, most people think of driving to Artesia (aka Little India) or Culver City. Beverly Hills may not come to mind, for those who think it’s dominated with steakhouses and chain restaurants.

Since 1985, Bombay Palace has been serving Beverly Hills locals authentic Northern Indian dishes. Bombay Palace is led by owner Deep Sethi and Chef Harnam Singh and has maintained the same management and staff since its opening. This restaurant is part of a large Bombay Palace restaurant group with locations in New York, London, Kuala Lumpur, and more.

Bombay Palace
8690 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

This isn’t your neighborhood, casual spot for Indian, the interior of BP is much more cosmopolitan than other family-owned spots. It’s a white table cloth and dim lighting kind of spot.

All of the food ordered takes a little bit longer than many Indian spots because everything made at Bombay Palace is made fresh. Nothing is frozen, and sauces are made fresh so those of you on low-sodium diets can alter an order. Aside from the naan, the items are all gluten-free.

Front – Bombay Martini Back – Kama Sutra

Unlike many smaller Indian spots only serving beer and wine, BP offers a full bar. Perfect for a GNO! My girlfriend and I started with their most popular cocktails the Kamasutra, (which has a vodka base with pomegranate juice and a Sweet Tart finish) and the Bombay Martini (coconut and mango rum with ginger and pineapple juice). We loved them both, but if you put a gun to our heads and made us choose, the Bombay Martini would be our top pick. The rum pairs well with the main dishes we chose.



The item that separates Bombay Palace from other local Indian restaurants – the complimentary Papadums come with Pickled Carrots. These carrots are crunchy, sweet and tangy and an exclusive item. We could’ve eaten a whole jar of them! The papadums are also served with traditional mint chutney and tamarind spreads. The Mint Chutney has a strong kick, so I recommend starting light on your serving.



Vegetable Samosa

The Vegetable Samosa we ordered as an app had a less greasy texture than most I’ve had in the past. I found out that instead of deep frying their samosas, here, they are torched, which gives the outside pastry shell a lighter, more buttery flavor. These are piping hot upon arrival and stuffed with seasoned potatoes and peas.

The Butter Chicken

99% of the time I dine at Indian spots, I order the Chicken Tikka Masala… but tonight, I was told to live a little and try The Butter Chicken. It’s the owner Deep’s favorite item on the menu and considering he probably eats here every day, why wouldn’t I trust this dish? Tandoori chicken is julienned (cut into thin, matchstick-like strips) then stewed with a creamy tomato sauce. The sauce’s primary flavors are tomato and fenugreek (a South East Asian spice). I feel like Tikka Masala needs to take the back seat for a while, cause the unique spices make this dish my new favorite.

Lamb Bhuna Punjabi

We also ordered the Punjabi delicacy Lamb Bhuna Punjabi. In this one, chunks of lamb get cooked with tomatoes, onions, fresh herbs and spices. The spices have notes of turmeric, cumin and coriander and the meat is slightly gamey. This is a perfect comfort-style dish, especially with this chilly weather LA has been experiencing. The Shrimp Biryani is a baked basmati rice side packed with plump shrimp and an aromatic saffron punch. Don’t be worried about mixing meats or different spices together. These items were all made with sharing and mixing onto one plate in mind.

Shrimp Biryani

Front – Gulab Jamun Back – Pistachio Kulfi

On to dessert… I had the best Gulab Jamun ever! Gulab Jamun is a dumpling made with milk powder that is soaked in rose water syrup and honey. If you’re a donut lover, it’s a must-try! What I love about BP’s take on it is that it’s not an overwhelming amount of syrup, it felt more like a heavy drizzle than it did a marinade. The Pistachio Kulfi (ice cream) pairs well, with its nutty and floral flavors.

We love to feature restaurants on Girls on Food that are not only tasty, but have proven they have lasting power. Bombay Palace is no exception and we’re confident they’ll continue to thrive Beverly Hills.


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