I’m just a girl who loves food, making food and getting inspired by food I see on social media—especially when the food is being eaten by my favorite hero, the adorkably charming Chris Pratt. He has been posting his snacks on Instagram in a funny, tortured cause he has to get in shape kind of way, which I of course couldn’t help but watch. If you guys are not familiar with his little #WHATSMYSNACK videos then you need to go watch them like now. I’ll wait.

Now that you are all caught up with what I am talking about, the snacks he is posting actually look pretty tasty. I was drawn to the cucumber egg roll. Now I have no real idea what is in his but I figured I could recreate a version and make my own #WHATSMYSNACK.

Without further ado… Here is my Chris Pratt-inspired cucumber egg roll snack.

Cucumber Egg Roll

1 cucumber

1/2 bell pepper 

2 hard boiled eggs

1/2 avocado

Trader Joe’s Hot & Sweet Jalapeños




garlic powder

Peel the hardboiled eggs and chop them up. Put them in a bowl. Add the avocado and the seasoning and mash it together. add the diced jalapeño and mix well.

Now its time to slice your cucumber as thin as you can. I used a mandolin. You can also use a veggie peeler or if you have super duper knife skills go ahead and slice them.

Julienne the bell pepper.

Take a strip of the cucumber, add a spoonful of your egg mixture, a few slices of bell pepper (place all of this towards the top of the cucumber slice) and roll it up. Stick a toothpick in it and boom, you’ve got a yummy healthy snack. Oh—and a total connection to Starlord himself.

Post your pics of your cucumber egg rolls, and don’t forget to tag @girlsonfoodblog, @summerhairabedian and cutie @prattprattpratt with the hashtag #WHATSMYSNACK!

Later, my healthy nerds.

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