Can a Plant-Based Dinner at Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s abcV Satisfy?


I came into my dinner at abcV a bit hesitant. Eating a complete meal (in ABC, a home decor shop) with just veggies? Especially when my favorite meal is dinner? I didn’t know just how impressive a vegetarian meal could possibly be. Restaurateur and Chef Jean-George Vongerichten is the genius that teamed up with ABC Carpet CEO and Creative Director Paulette Cole to change your outlook on what a dinner focused on the vegetables can look like. With the right pairing of flavors, experimenting with spices or roasting vegetables in butter, the team at abcV knows exactly how to make you forget about meat. You will be too preoccupied with the creamy green chickpea hummus and raving about how the roasted beets are the best ones you’ve ever had to even miss chicken or beef. abcV is a place meant for sharing plates so definitely bring a friend or two. I also suggest that you take a chance and forgo the cocktails for one of the juices or tonic drinks both of which are refreshing and pair excellently with dinner. No matter which way you decide to conquer this vegetarian menu, you will leave feeling full, satisfied and so excited to come back to try the rest of the menu. 

38 E 19TH ST, NEW YORK, NY 10003

Green chickpea hummus, Thai basil, fresh pita or crudité

Morel wonton, summer vegetables, aromatic broth Slow roasted beets, dijon, avocado puree, chili aioli, pickles, lovage Half cauliflower, with turmeric-tahini and pistachios Fresh spinach spaghetti, broccoli, kale, preserved lemon, garlic, parmigiano, saffron crumbs Warm crimini and chantrelle mushrooms, sherry vinegar, garlic, tarragon

Strawberry rhubarb pavlova


Green chickpea hummus, thai basil, fresh pita or crudité- The best hummus I’ve ever had! I’ve never had an affinity towards green chickpeas until now. How come we don’t use these chickpeas to make the most texture balanced hummus ever?

Slow roasted beets, dijon, avocado puree, chili aioli, pickles, lovage– Beets taste the best when they are roasted and the addition of the avocado mousse only adds to the taste. I also loved the addition of chili aioli since it gives the beets more flavor and therefore more delicious to eat.

Half cauliflower, with turmeric-tahini and pistachios– Think of this dish as the hero of the meal. The reaction I had to when this dish was presented at our table is one similar to what I would have if a nice NY strip was served to me. Turmeric sauce might not sound appealing but pair it with roasted cauliflower and you’ve achieved a winning combination.

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