Keeping It Lean at Universal CityWalk: Samba Brazilian Steakhouse


If you’re having a cheat day, Universal CityWalk is a foodie paradise, with grub-tastic options like VooDoo Doughnuts, Mini Monster and Pink’s Famous Hot Dogs. For those of us trying to keep within our daily calorie counters, the CityWalk is a little bit more of a challenge. However, I found the perfect casual lunch and dinner spot, which I recommend checking out, especially during Halloween Horror Nights. (so you can get your candy corn on without feeling guilty!)

Samba Brazilian Steakhouse is a Rodizio-buffet-styled restaurant, with all you can eat options on their fresh-off-the-grill meats.

Samba Brazilian Steakhouse
1000 Universal Studios Blvd, Universal City, CA 91608

New York Steak featured on all-you-can-eat

If you’re like me and you feel famished after a long day of riding rides and walking around, I recommend the All-You-Can-Eat Meat + Salad Bar & Hot Bar to load up. For $49 per person, carvers roam the dining room and offer many different cuts of meats. I’m a steak and potatoes girl at heart so I made sure to try all the different beef options. And they do not skimp on the portions here! Other protein options include pork, chicken, lamb, sausage and fish. Bonus – you still get the salad and hot bar for sides!

If you’re in desperate need of a sugar fix, you can treat yourself to a can of Guaraná Antarctica, which I discovered for the first time at Samba, it’s sort of like a mix bubble gum meets apple flavor and is carbonated.

My salad bar choices

I know I mentioned keeping it low-cal, and that’s totally possible because they have a fantastic Full Salad Bar. The price of the salad bar is $19 per person, allowing you to take from the salad bar and the hot sides.  Unlike other salad bars, the salad options aren’t drenched in dressings, so you can control your portions. There are hot items available, such as Beef Stroganoff, Plantains, Black Beans and White Rice, but if your diet doesn’t allow it, stick with the veggies. (or sneak a little bite of each in, I won’t tell anyone)

You don’t have to go crazy on calories at Universal CityWalk! Stick with Samba Brazilian Steakhouse and work within whatever diet-plan you’re on!


Thanks so much to Richard Liang for inviting me to this private influencer tasting! 


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