It’s The Little Things That Count


This is my first time checking out and sipping on Little Things Chardonnay. It’s from down under and grown in a warm, dry climate in Southern Australia. The location is set along the banks of the Murray River which offers sandy soils, ideal for producing light wines. Australian wine is growing a lot in popularity; up until now we knew that china loves Australian wine, but it seems that more and more regions are beginning to include it as a staple on their wine lists and in their wine cabinets.

Who are the masterminds behind Little Things?

Little Things is a collection of wines is literally made by friends otherwise known as a group of Aussie winemakers. To them making wine is a beautiful combination of little things that happen from the fruit to the bottle. It’s very fitting for anyone who’s observed a harvest, been in the winery at any given moment or experienced the viticulture process. All those moments make up a bunch of little things that happen throughout making a vintage. Hence the name.

When I first noticed their logo, I couldn’t help but think of old school Guess logo. Not saying they were inspired by Guess, but it’s definitely clever! (And technically we’re talking about a question mark verses an exclamation point.) As far as the excitement, I can see why this group of winemakers want to shout their love for wine from the rooftops! They’re onto something really special.

Their motto: Friendship is not a big thing, it’s a million little things.

Each varietal has it’s own individual little stamp. The Chardonnay uses a cassette tape, referring to grabbing a bottle with the perfect mix tape and a friend who loves music to elevate an evening from something simple to something unforgettable.

taste test

I immediately fell in love with fresh hints of lemon and honeysuckle on the nose. The color was vibrant and the first sip screamed vanilla meets honey! It’s a very balanced wine and the best part: the fruit lingers on your tongue. And that was only just the Chardonnay! I’d love to see what their Cabernet, Red Blend and Rosé are packing.

Keep up the great work my friends.


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