Meatless Monday at El Amerikano in Fullerton, CA


Being a non-meat eater I’m a huge fan of “Meatless Monday” becoming a thing. Mainly because I feel its raising awareness about the awesome dishes possible without having a formerly living creature in the recipe (tehehehehe). On a given Monday it’s always super exciting to see all the different recipes and dishes being showcased in the interwebs! Jackfruit tacos, DIY chickpea veggie patties, tofu nuggets – oh my! Little by little the rest of the world is being exposed to the lavish lifestyle non meat eating tastebuds are subjected to. 

Usually others will ask “OMG how can you live without meat? It’s so delicious blah blah blah.” The answer is now becoming clearer to them. I’ll be showcasing some of my fave dishes from a local gem of mine you can make your new Meatless Monday go to’s. 

El Amerikano
100 S Harbor Blvd. #D, Fullerton, CA 92832

So on this glorious Meatless Monday I bring you … *drumroll* Molé Eggplant! Quick culinary lesson; molé is a sauce originating from Mexico used on variety of dishes. The sauce varies by region but usually consists of poblano chilis, chocolate and a ton of spices. The result is an incredible sauce which while spicy has sweet notes to it. Traditionally molé is served over chicken or pork. I however, have gotten crafty over the years and have become a meatless Mexican cuisine champ. I’ll use molé sauce on enchiladas, chilaquiles and even with pan seared tofu. As a proud Mexican-American, I love finding Mexican dishes which I can actually eat so you can imagine how happy I was to find El Amerikano was serving Molé Eggplant. I was completely blown away. Eggplant is the perfect veggie to douse in molé and the consistency is pretty similar to tender chicken (my meat eater friends confirmed).

Molé Eggplant!

El Amerikano is great restaurant in Downtown Fullerton which prides itself in its flavors and they definitely do not disappoint. While it’s not advertised as being vegetarian friendly it definitely is a friend to many vegetarians and non meat eaters. Other meatless options are the Veggie Burger which is top notch and super fresh since it’s made in house and their twist on mac & cheese with their own Mac ‘n Queso. Three cheeses provide extra comfort and and nice kick with the jalapeño!

Veggie Burger

Mac ‘n Queso

May all your Meatless Mondays be delicious and tasty! Cheers.

Carla Duran

My government name is Carla, but in many circles I’m known as Carby due to my love of carbs. I've been a pescetarian for seven years and still love pizza, tacos and burgers.