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Phil Er Up: National Mechanics, Revolution House and Continental Restaurant and Martini Bar

My DIY Bloody Mary

I have journeyed back to the historical land that is Philadelphia to further explore the city and its many food offerings. First stop was National Mechanics, a spot I hit up last time but while researching the ‘hood discovered that, during brunch, it has its very own DIY Bloody Mary Bar. I mean… how can I not? This eatery is unique, utilizing old wooden church pews for booths and showcasing fun bug collections, mounted bison skulls, and cute displays of plants.


When in Peru, Try Maido: Brittaney Indulges in Their 13 Course Meal

In March of this year, I went on an incredible trip to Peru and Brazil! I had the opportunity to see fantastic sites, try all different types of food and meet my Peruvian side of the family for the first time. If you feel inspired to go to Peru, you might want to also check out these tours of peru here. You might be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

During my trip to Lima, I was able to try out Maido Mitsuharu – Experencia Nikkei in Miraflores which is an area of Lima. Lima-born Chef Mitsuharu Tsumura is known for his modern takes on Nikkei cuisine. His goal is to create dishes that combine both Peruvian and Japanese cultures. Maido made The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2016 with the 13th spot. And they just announced that they moved up to 8th place in 2017!

Calle San Martin 399, Miraflores 15074, Peru

For less than $140 without a wine pairing, you get a 13-course meal of a lifetime. I have never spent that much on myself for a meal, but I was on vacation, I was in PERU, which is dominating the culinary game and I was ready for a new experience.

The 13 course called 200 miles, takes you through a fusion of Peruvian and Japanese Cuisine while appreciating different elements, flavors, and ecosystems. What’s great about Maido is that they change their menu, and give you a brochure, so you remember everything you ate. Trust me; you will be in such awe with the presentation you might forget every detail that was made for each dish.

About 90% of the dishes included seafood of some sort. So if you’re allergic, I don’t suggest going here. They do have a vegetarian menu, but honestly, the fish is incredible, and I can’t imagine any of these dishes without it. Below is each dish I tried:

  • Snacks
    • Onion terrine, sole tartare, smoked silverside fish, masago.
    • Sushi rice cracker, avocado, trout belly, ponzu gel.
    • Black rice cracker, olive tofu, octopus, pachikay, ginger sauce.

Check out this rock! I have never had food served on a rock like that. This set the tone.


Headwaters Restaurant at Millcroft Inn and Spa

Headwaters Restaurant at Millcroft Inn & Spa
55 John St, Alton (Caledon), ON L7K 0C4

Located within Caledon, ON, in a little town called Alton, this restaurant is a hidden gem within the palace of Millcroft Inn and Spa. My boyfriend, Nico, and I had the privilege to dine at this restaurant and catch up with his previous Chef who is now the Executive Sous Chef at this prestigious spot. With a short one hour drive North of Toronto, and feeling like we were lost in the wilderness (but we had our trusty GPS!) we finally arrived and instantly wished that we were staying for the night and not just for dinner. You feel like you are in a different world on their grounds.

The top section is referred to as “The Pod”. The Pod is probably an ideal dining spot in the entire restaurant. The section below is part of their banquet hall. The doors open up, so you and your guests can be right beside the waterfall! And yes, there are lights that light up the waterfall beautifully.


Saddle Peak Lodge in Calabasas Introduces a New Bar Menu

For believers of the supernatural, Los Angeles is a goldmine for ghost hunters, especially for the spirits of Old Hollywood movie stars. The only rumored haunted spot I’ve been to in LA is The Magic Castle and I saw no ghosts. So when I got an invite from Chef Adam Horton to taste the new bar menu at Saddle Peak Lodge (rumored to be haunted by a few spirits according to Haunted Places), I wondered would I finally see a ghost?

Saddle Peak Lodge
419 Cold Canyon Road, Calabasas, CA 91302 


My Yountville Live Diary: A 4 Day Adventure in Wine, Food and Music

Bobbi Hach-Jacobs and Claire Parr

Napa is known for offering the best in wine and food, but what some out-of-towners may not know, is that it’s also a valley rich with music and art. Yountville Live, an eclectic mix of events, organized by Bobbi Hach-Jacobs and Claire Parr, (the girl bosses and best friends behind the successful Live in the Vineyard events) delivered a unique experience that combined live music, and award-winning chefs paired with award-winning wines.


Yountville Live does not bring out food and wine snobs. It brings out epicureans who want to absorb as much knowledge as they can and cherish the delicious wine and food in front of them.


Road Trip to Paradise: Circles Waterfront Restaurant in Apollo Beach

Normally, you won’t find me at a seafood restaurant. The reason why is simple. Although, I actually love seafood; I’m allergic to shellfish. At best, that fact limits my options to fish, fish and more fish. At worst, it leaves me as that lame person ordering either chicken or steak at a seafood place. That’s no good. I recently visited Apollo Beach, Florida for some training and my supervisor and her husband were gracious enough to take me and the crew out for lunch. They suggested Circles Waterfront Restaurant. Instead of being that person who throws a wrench in the lunch plans with my allergy story, I just rolled with it. I was in the mood for a salmon caesar salad anyway, so why not?

Circles Waterfront Restaurant
1212 Apollo Beach Blvd, Apollo Beach, FL 33572

Now, reviewing a seafood restaurant is tough when you cannot describe the flavor or taste of a dish. Fear not though! My co-workers (who are really more like friends) had no problem describing their dish to me in detail. In fact, I could call this my first collaborative review.

We ordered a spread of appetizers when we got there that included calamari, spinach artichoke dip, crab cakes and grouper bites. Everything was delicious, but I only got a picture of the calamari because once the appetizers hit the table, it was go-time!


Sampurna in Amsterdam: Everything You Could Want!

498 Singel
Amsterdam Centrum

I recently returned from a European adventure where I ate to my heart’s delight.

There was one meal in particular that still stands out to me. I’m still drooling over two weeks later. We were in the heart of Amsterdam, strolling the flower market and freezing our butts off. The snow was falling heavy and wet and typical me; I was on the hunt for my next meal.

Right off the flower market was this little Indonesian restaurant and it looked slammed. Every table was full, and one server was working the room. We took this as a sign and walked right in.

The second you open the door you are hit with mouth-watering aromas. I kid you not, I could have just stood in the entrance and smelled the place for a while, but then I would have been the weirdo sniffing the air.

After ordering drinks, the server brought a bowl of shrimp chips. I love these things as I use to devour these as a kid. They were the needed crunchy bite to tide me over until appetizers.

We started with the Fish Lumpia or Lumpia Ikan. They are similar to a spring roll, stuffed with fish and served with a light peanut and chili sauce. While I’ve had lumpia before, I’ve never had a fish version. These were light, crunchy and delicious, everything I’d want from my lumpia.

For our second appetizer, we went with the Pantsuit Goreng or a fried pastry filled with minced chicken and served with different sauces. You can not go wrong with these crispy flavor bombs.

For my entree, I went with the Daging Blado or thinly sliced beef in a tomato chili sauce with peteh beans. The dish came with white rice, sambal goreng buncis, acar ketimun and sambal goreng tempeh. (French beans Indonesian style, pickled cucumbers and fried tempeh in a spicy sauce)

My advice: stir up that plate and get everything in one bite! The mix of flavors about to explode in your mouth is unbelievable. There is heat, sweetness, tender meat and crunch. Stir it up, and you’ve got the perfect combination bite of flavor. I was warned this dish was spicy, and it was; I started sweating a bit, but that is how I like it. Bring on the heat!

I left totally stuffed, satisfied and happy that my clothes smelled of this fabulous meal. If you find yourself in Amsterdam, check out Sampurna!

A Tale of Two Texan Onion Rings

On a recent trip to the Texas Hill Country I chowed down on some amazing onion rings. “Onion rings?! Big deal!” Well, they are a big deal; especially in Texas. Not all onion rings are created equal and there is more than one kind of onion ring. Fill up the car with some gas because you will be wanting to hit the road soon to try these two.

Longhorn Cafe
23624 W. US 290
Harper, TX 78631

onion rings, Texas Hill Country, Harper, Longhorn Cafe
Harper, Texas is home to the Longhorn Cafe. They are known for their good food. Look at those onion rings. I’ll wait…..They look delish don’t they? They were. The sweet onions were dipped in a cornmeal-based batter. The batter here is substantial and the onion slices have to be big enough to handle the batter. There is nothing worse than biting into an onion ring and having all the crispy batter crumble to bits or worse yet, bite into the onion rings and have the hot onion slide out of the crust and burn your chin. No worries here. Each bite of these onion rings left me with a perfect ratio of batter to onion. No crumbles. No burnt chin. Don’t forget the ranch for dipping. Yep, we have a winner here.


Taco Tuesday: Buena Onda in Philly

After a sleep deprived night in Center City Philadelphia, Fatboi Jess and friends set off to find a brunch spot worthy of a blog post. Promises of an hour wait from Sabrina’s Cafe led the crew to happen upon Buena Onda Taqueria. This spot opens at 11 and when we arrived at 10:45 there was already a line forming, which proved to be a good sign. Walking into the establishment we were met with dreamy, island decor. A beer tap beckoned with a sign for a free cerveza for patrons of age. Who could fret over a line with an invitation like that?


Make a Dash to Holler & Dash in Celebration, FL

Holler & Dash Biscuit House
6288 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy., Celebration, FL 34747

On a recent trip to Florida, I stumbled upon Holler & Dash Biscuit House…a quick glance at the menu and I knew I needed to put some south in my mouth! The brand currently has 4 locations in Florida, Alabama, and Tennessee, and is a fast-casual concept from parent company Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Inc.
Holler & Dash Biscuit House
Tucked inside a small shopping center, Holler & Dash is conveniently located near Orlando-area attractions and theme parks, while being off the beaten path.

They serve up a variety of Southern-style biscuit sandwiches, and other specialties like grit bowls, tot bowls, and beignets. While hearty options abound, they also offer lighter options, such as half biscuits, or a bed of kale in place of biscuits on their signature menu.


Epcot International Festival of the Arts 2017

Epcot International Festival of the Arts
200 Epcot Center Drive, Lake Buena Vista, Orlando, FL 32092

What’s better than a last minute trip to Epcot? Finding out your visit coincides with the Epcot International Festival of the Arts!

Epcot International Festival of the Arts

This event spans January 13-February 20.

This inaugural event includes seminars, interactive workshops, Disney on Broadway Concert series, live art demonstrations, and galleries (don’t miss the Mary Blair Gallery!) And foodies can rejoice in Festival specialty options throughout the park!