homemade vegan vanilla whipped cream

Jillian’s Homemade Vegan Vanilla Whipped Cream

homemade vegan vanilla whipped cream

vegan vanilla whipped cream

To all the whipped cream lovers out there, no need to ever consume dairy whipped again or buy super expensive vegan whipped cream at a health foods store! Whipped cream made from coconut milk in a can has solved all these problems and more. Plus, I find it to be even more delicious than dairy whipped cream, which is so basic now 💁

I mean, why consume a saturated fat-filled product made from a milk designed for calves, when you can eat healthy fats from coconuts and get flavor + nutrients? It’s a no brainer to me!

Watch the video below for the crazy simple recipe and then slather your homemade whipped cream on anything and everything you want. I’ve used it in the morning as a topping on oatmeal, chocolate chia seed pudding, and even coffee. I’ve also used it to top baked goods, banana nice cream, and even my black teas ☕️ Basically, it’s amazing on everything!

Once you make this vegan vanilla whipped cream, you’ll always want to have a fresh batch in your fridge and you won’t want to go back to regular ‘ol dairy.

Ingredients You Will Need:

  • 1 can of full fat coconut milk (I use Native Forest brand because it’s organic and the can is BPA free!)
  • 1 tsp maple syrup
  • 1 cap of pure vanilla extract

Now the fun begins!

See how easy that is? This recipe will last you about 2-3 days, unless you’re nice enough to share with others, then it will last 2.5 seconds.

Check out the full recipe below!

  1. Store your can of coconut milk in the fridge overnight to harden.
  2. When you open the can, scoop out the solids and set aside the liquid (it’s great for smoothies).
  3. Using a KitchenAid or a large bowl & beaters, add the maple syrup and vanilla extract, then whip until fluffy. It only takes a minute.
  4. Add to vegan ice cream, desserts, coffee, oatmeal, chia seed pudding or whatever you like!
  5. Store in a sealed container in the fridge.

homemade whipped cream


Jillian 💙

Summer’s Sweet Potato Pancakes

Spring is in the air, which means St. Patty’s Day isn’t too far behind. Though I’m not huge on going out and drinking all the whiskey (my liver isn’t Irish, I can’t hang), I am a fan of hosting a little shindig at my place.

I was trying to think of yummy Irish treats to make that didn’t involve corned beef, ham or any other meat-related item. I also didn’t want to mess with any food coloring to turn things green. I wanted something savory and something I could eat with my hands. Oh, and leaning more towards the healthy side. I know, I didn’t make it easy on myself! Then it hit me. Potato pancakes! That’s an Irish tradition I can get behind. How do I make those healthy you ask? Well instead of a traditional potato I used a sweet one. I wanted to incorporate something green so I grabbed a Granny Smith apple. Hmmm… what else could I add to this concoction? I looked at my fruit/veggie basket and saw a sweet onion. That will work! Trust me, I know those things do not sound like they go together and at this point I was just winging it, but surprisingly enough they turned out AMAZING.

So if you’re into potato pancakes and St Patrick’s day, here’s my super delicious recipe for Sweet Potato Pancakes with green apple.

Sweet Potato Pancakes with Green Apple

1 large sweet potato

1/2 a granny smith apple

1/4 of a sweet onion

1/8-ish cup of all purpose flour

1 egg

1/2-ish tsp salt

pinch of pepper

pinch of pumpkin spice (I wanted to use nutmeg but I didn’t have any)

avocado oil for frying 

First, peel and grate the sweet potato. Then, wrap the potato in a kitchen towel and squeeze all the excess water out. This MUST be done in order for them to cook properly.

Grate the granny smith apple and press between paper towels to get rid of the excess moisture.

Grate the sweet onion (you do not need to squeeze this).

Put all of those ingredients into a bowl with the egg and mix together.

Add the salt, pepper, pumpkin spice, and flour. Mix well.

Heat 1 tablespoon or so of the avocado oil in a frying pan. Once the oil is hot, add your potato mixture by rounded spoonfuls. Flatten with the back of the spoon once in the pan.

Cook for about 3 minutes per side or until golden, then flip and do the same thing. Serve while warm. I served mine with a side of plain greek yogurt.

That’s all there is to it. Enjoy!


JaBurritos Sushi Burritos

Sushi Burritos Hit The Vegas Strip: JaBurritos

JaBurritos Sushi Burritos
3545 S Las Vegas Blvd, Suite L12, Las Vegas, NV 89109
LINQ Promenade

JaBurritos Sushi Burritos

Imagine your parents owned a sushi restaurant when you were a kid. Now, imagine you have moved across the country and opened the first sushi burrito restaurant in Las Vegas. Now, imagine you just opened the first sushi burrito restaurant on the famed Las Vegas Strip. Ken Aoki, the owner of JaBurritos, doesn’t have to use his imagination–he recently opened his doors on the LINQ Promenade, where he offers sushi burritos, bowls, and more.

JaBurritos Sushi Burritos

A sushi burrito is a massive sushi roll, wrapped in nori, soy paper, or a tortilla and filled with a variety of options. Ken even created his own device to tightly wrap these masterpieces! JaBurritos offers sushi rice or brown rice, or you can go low-carb and fill up on veggies.

JaBurritos Sushi Burritos

The ordering concept of JaBurrito is familiar–you select burrito, bowl, or salad and then either create your own combination or choose from one of their creations. While JaBurrito is a fast casual restaurant, the food (like the taro chips made in house every day) has more in common with higher end Strip restaurants. But the biggest labor of love? Fresh fish are delivered whole and cleaned in-house.

JaBurritos Sushi Burritos
The Baja and The Kodiak

For first timers who are a little timid about sushi, Ken recommends The Long Beach, with spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, and surimi crab, because it contains many familiar ingredients found in popular sushi rolls, with a little bit of crunch from tortilla strips, cucumber, and romaine lettuce.

Not a seafood fan? Don’t fret, they offer grilled chicken and steak. Vegetarians and vegans can choose from tofu, Gardein steak, or all-veggie.

JaBurritos is a breath of fresh air in terms of fast-casual dining, offering something other than sandwiches or burgers without compromising convenience (something a busy entrepreneur appreciates in his own life). What’s his favorite thing on the menu? The Long Beach, or the Kodiak–grilled salmon, mango teriyaki, chipotle mayo, romaine lettuce, cream cheese, pico de gallo, tempura crunch, and furikake.

JaBurritos Sushi Burritos
Redondo Bowl, with Sriracha drizzle and furikake

Ken is going to be adding some adult beverages to the menu soon (this is the Las Vegas strip after all), including beer, sake bombs, micheladas with a JaBurrito twist, and what sounds like my new favorite drink: Sake Sangria, made with berries macerated in sake and sauvignon blanc.

JaBurritos Sushi Burritos

Make sure to take a stroll down the LINQ Promenade on your next Las Vegas vacation. Take in the city from the observation wheel (The High Roller), do some shopping and people watching, then stop in JaBurritos for lunch, dinner, or dessert.

JaBurritos Sushi Burritos
How cute are these DELICIOUS mochi ice cream pops?

Thanks Ken for taking time to share your passion with our Girls on Food readers, and providing me with a delicious lunch. It was hard to choose, but the Kodiak is my favorite!



Black Briik: Your 90’s Toronto Time Machine!

Black Briik
1077 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6H 1M5

The three partners during the ribbon-cutting ceremony

Black Briik is a brand new 90’s themed restobar in Toronto that offers not only 90’s music but also 90’s style dishes. The three partners grew up together in Toronto and decided that now is the time to open up a fun, neighbourhood restobar to remind folks of the good old chill times. “Soul food meets the street” best describes their food, which rings true with 90’s music of TLC blasting in the background. I was invited to their Grand Opening a few weeks ago by Milestones Public Relations and had an amazingly fun time reminiscing and belting some childhood tunes.

I love 90’s music! Although I was born in the early 90’s, the music is what kept me moving in my life and is my true best friend. The decor of the restobar made me feel at home, and the brick interior makes the place feel super comfy and cozy. Hearing classic from TLC to Biggie Smallz to Backstreet Boys, Black Briik has the theme down pat. Once I felt at home in the environment, I couldn’t wait to see what there is to eat!

Samples of Waffle, Mac + Cheese Bites, Pulled Pork Slider, Briik Dog, Briik Chili Fries Supreme and Briik Poutine with Mushroom Gravy.

The grand opening consisted of two specialty shots and six dish samples. The samples were presented to us in a cafeteria style try to mimic the old school days. The dishes ranged from their own takes on 90’s classics (the Briik Dog) and also Canadian Favourites (Briik Poutine).

MAC + CHEESE BITES: Creamy Mac + Cheese Deep Fried with bacon
MAC + CHEESE BITES: Creamy Mac + Cheese Deep Fried with bacon

Their Mac + Cheese bites were super crunchy and nice and cheesy inside that I could not stop eating them! Truth be told, this time was only the second time that I have had mac and cheese from scratch and both times have reinforced my love for it.

BRIIK DOG: Corn and Jalapeno batter covering their “Briik sausage”; their take on the 90s Corn Dog
BRIIK DOG: Corn and Jalapeno batter covering their “Briik sausage”; their take on the 90s Corn Dog

Now, who doesn’t love deep fried stuff on a stick?! The corn dog was a treat when I was a kid; it was probably one of the few things that I knew how to cook in the oven from the freezer. When I saw this treat and took a big bite out of it, I was surprisingly shocked to see what they used for the “dog” portion; they used a Filipino Sausage called “longanisa.” With a Filipino background, longanisa is a treat that you have eaten since you were a kid and probably one of the only things that you would eat as a kid. The longanisa they used is of the sweet variety, so the flavours of the sweet longanisa and the savoury corn batter melded well and brought back childhood memories.

BRIIK CHILI FRIES SUPREME: Briik chili on top of hand cut fries.
BRIIK POUTINE WITH MUSHROOM GRAVY: Mushroom gravy with Mozzarella poured over top of hand cut fries.

I love that they have various fries based dishes which is a childhood (and still current!) favourite treat of mine. The Briik Chili Fries Supreme is a take on the Taco Bell Fries Supreme but throw in their fancy chili! Oddly enough, I have never had Chili Fries until this event, and I definitely did enjoy them! I also love that their Briik Poutine is more of a vegetarian-friendly fries dish option loaded with mushroom gravy. Their fries are hand cut and crunchy and soft at the same time, just perfect fries.

PULLED PORK SLIDER: Pork shoulder slow-cooked overnight, marinated in bourbon beer (Kentucky Bastard)
WAFFLE: Buttermilk Belgian Waffle with cheese, green onions, bacon and maple syrup.

The pulled pork slider was moist and a delicious little bite for the pork eater in your life; the bits of slaw help to add some texture and crunch for the slider. While the waffle was packed with lots of cheese, bacon, and onions; can you tell?! Just having bacon within the waffle and hanging out of it, you just know it’ll be amazing. I feel that if you were to make a sandwich/slider using the waffle as the bread and the pulled pork in the middle would be AMAZING!

SWEET BRIIK: Blue Curacao + Raspberry Sour Puss

There were two types of shots available but I (along with my table) stuck with the SWEET BRIIK. This shot consisted of Blue Curacao and Raspberry Sour Puss, which tastes like blue raspberry kool aid; definitely an Adult Juice.

Black Briik is a spot for you to hang out with some friends, enjoy old school 90’s music and enjoy some dishes inspired by the 90’s. Even if you have not experienced the 90’s for yourself, just walking into this restobar feels like you took a time machine back two decades. Drop by for a new experience in a chill environment and support a small local business in an up and coming neighbourhood.

A special thank you too, Milestones Public Relations for the invitation and giving me the opportunity to experience and promote a new local restaurant.

Holler & Dash Biscuit House

Make a Dash to Holler & Dash in Celebration, FL

Holler & Dash Biscuit House
6288 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy., Celebration, FL 34747

On a recent trip to Florida, I stumbled upon Holler & Dash Biscuit House…a quick glance at the menu and I knew I needed to put some south in my mouth! The brand currently has 4 locations in Florida, Alabama, and Tennessee, and is a fast-casual concept from parent company Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Inc.
Holler & Dash Biscuit House
Tucked inside a small shopping center, Holler & Dash is conveniently located near Orlando-area attractions and theme parks, while being off the beaten path.

They serve up a variety of Southern-style biscuit sandwiches, and other specialties like grit bowls, tot bowls, and beignets. While hearty options abound, they also offer lighter options, such as half biscuits, or a bed of kale in place of biscuits on their signature menu.

For those craving something sweet, they offer options such as The Jam – with Nutella and rapsberry jam, or Strawberry & Dash – whipped Creole cream cheese, strawberries, and powdered sugar.
Holler & Dash Biscuit House
I was looking for something more savory, and settled on the Chicken. Set. Go., A signature biscuit with fried chicken, pimento cheese, jalapeno, and drizzled with sorghum (similar to molasses). I am a self proclaimed connoisseur of pimento cheese, and theirs was top notch, as was the fried chicken breast. The star of course, was the buttery, flaky biscuit.

Holler & Dash Biscuit House

My partner in calorie-crime went with the Pork Rambler, which was topped with fried pork tenderloin, fried onion straws, and blackberry butter. The combination of the blackberry butter and the fried pork was euphoric!

Holler & Dash Biscuit House

While these biscuits were definitely sized to stand on their own, we split an order of tater tots…always a winner. I ordered a coffee, and they offer 3 different blends, and coordinate your cup color to which one you order – perfect when you ask for a refill. After ordering, I noticed they serve Stumptown Nitro and cold brew, and even make their own craft sodas.

Make a ‘Dash’ here for a quick breakfast before you hit area theme parks, so good it will make you ‘Holler.’

Holler & Dash Biscuit House

Doi Moi: Southeast Asia Flavors Via DC

Doi Moi

1800 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

I’ve been dying to try Doi Moi since I moved to the DC area last year. It’s one of those restaurants you hear spoken about through the office, or during happy hour when your friends discuss their top 10 best meals (or do those types of conversations only happen when I’m at happy hour?). Finally, last week I was able to try out this DC gem and it was well worth the wait!

Doi Moi is a Southeast Asian restaurant located in the Logan Circle area of DC, specializing in Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. Their name, which translates to “new changes” is meant to be symbolic of Logan Circle’s renewed neighborhood and the renovation of the historic building they are housed in.

Photo via eater.com

The space is beautiful! The restaurant decor is clean and open, with a large bar in the middle perfect for grabbing a glass of wine from their extensive drink menu.

Doi Moi’s dinner menu consists of small plates and shareable plates, including a fried whole branzino! Bonus: They offer a rotating selection of soft serve ice cream! Yes Lawd!

Food Rundown

Pork Steamed Buns

Kee Mao Stir-Fried Rice Noodles

Amish Rabbit Khao Soi

This was a perfect blend of sweet and spicy. The coconut curry was the star in this dish! It also makes for a great Instagram-worthy noodle lift!

Vietnamese Caramelized Pork Ribs

If you are in the mood for fall-off-the-bone ribs, then these are exactly what you need.

Stir Fried Chinese Broccoli with Chilies and Garlic

No, I unfortunately did not get the branzino. Maybe on my next visit! However, you should definitely stop by Doi Moi next time you are in DC. Come for a drink and stay for dinner. You will not be disappointed.

Mother in Sacramento: The Return of Chef’s 10

1023 K St Sacramento, CA 95814
Instagram, Facebook

One of the best restaurants along the K Street corridor, Mother, just celebrated its three-year anniversary… and what better way to celebrate than by bringing back the ever-popular Chef’s 10? This reservation-only 10-course vegetarian tasting menu changes each month. Last week, my date and I went to check out February’s chocolate and spice menu. We left full, and very impressed!

Once seated, they wasted no time getting down to business. Our server gave us a quick run-down of what to expect, and then we were in the accomplished hands of Chef Thiemann and his team. First up:

Roasted beets, burrata, lavender oil
Pumpernickel, seaweed butter, radish
“Thai street food”
Roman-style artichokes

As wary as I was to try the lavender oil, knowing it can sometimes be a bit overpowering, this dish was one of my favorites of the night. Slightly herbaceous, slightly sweet, with a healthy portion of cheese – how could you go wrong? The crispy artichokes were also delicious, as was the dish simply described as “Thai street food.” After asking the chef what magic he had worked to make these addictive, crunchy little bites, we found out he used a product similar to tempeh, all I know is I have got to figure out how to make this at home before football starts again! It’s the perfect snack. I also know I’d like to slather seaweed butter on everything from now on – I couldn’t get enough of the salty, slightly funky spread.

Next, we moved on to the entrĂŠe-style bites:

Indian potato fritter
Masa, broccolini, fontina

Apparently, as the chefs were researching various types of burgers for Mother’s menu, Wikipedia led them to the Indian fast food equivalent – vada pav. This deep fried mashed potato fritter was loaded with spices and topped with a pungent chutney featuring raw garlic. We were told to expect a big punch of flavor and man, they were right! That fritter hit harder than Amanda Nunes, in the best possible way. Though I could have eaten ten more, we instead moved on to the masa dish. In addition to the tomatillo salsa, yogurt and broccolini, this dish incorporated a fungus, popular in Mexican cuisine, that grows on corn (huitlacoche). Another of my favorite dishes, I couldn’t get enough of the fontina/masa combo – and the basil leaves on top added a surprising twist.

“Pulled” mushroom slider
Beet agnolotti, roasted apples, parmesan

My date loved the slider, which featured trumpet mushrooms treated like pulled pork – slow cooked, shredded, and covered in barbecue sauce. By the time we got to the agnolotti, we were slowing down, but that didn’t stop us from finishing the impossibly delicate pasta. The sweetness of the beets and apples, combined with the sharp saltiness of the Parmesan, made for an addictive bite.

Finally, we’d made it to dessert: chocolate guacamole with potato chips and vegan chocolate chip cookies. Though I had my doubts about combining chocolate and guacamole – why mess with two great things? – consider me converted. Unsweetened chocolate combined with avocado and just barely sweetened with agave, this was creamier than the best chocolate mousse… and I could almost convince myself it was healthy! As for the cookies? You just can’t beat chocolate chip, still warm from the oven.

With excellent service and great food, it’s easy to see why Mother has enjoyed such success over the last three years. We can’t wait to go back!

Warung Indonesia d’Eglinton in Toronto

Warung Indonesia d’Eglinton
2439 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M4P 2E7

Exterior photo courtesy of Warung Indonesia d’Eglinton

Warung Indonesia d’Eglinton roughly translates into Indonesian Small Family Restaurant at Eglinton. You can find this restaurant a couple of blocks north of a relatively busy business area of Yonge and Eglinton. They serve Indonesian style food in a comfortable and homey environment and prepare their food from scratch to order which allows you the time to just relax in the atmosphere. Recently, my boyfriend and I were invited to a media tasting of this restaurant from DKLO Events and had our first try of Indonesian food!

Toronto is a fairly multicultural city. However, it ‘s hard to come by new cuisines if you are not already familiar with it or if not recommended. This Indonesian restaurant specializes in providing their customers with customized meals. What do I mean by that? They offer a “Set Your Own Meal” option where you can choose two veggie appetizers, one veggie appetizer, and one entree served with rice. This tasting provided us with this opportunity to set our own meal!


Veggie Appetizer: Fried Potato Patties

My favourite veggie appetizer were these fried potato patties! You can never really go wrong with fried potato, but when you add in their seasoning and herbs, it brings the flavours to the next level.

Veggie Appetizer: Deep Fried Marinated Tofu and Tempeh

These little bites are sweet and crispy! Whatever they marinate the tofu and tempeh it brings out a sweet, savoury tone that helps to round out a savoury meal.

Veggie Appetizer: Salad in Bali Sauce

For those that don’t want your meal to be too heavy this salad is on the light side. It may look like a simple dish, but it has a slightly spicy flavour to it that leaves you wanting to eat more.


Non-Veggie Appetizer: Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce

Chicken satay may seem like a typical dish, but Warung Indonesia d’Eglinton definitely makes it right. The chicken was still very moist while the peanut sauce added another level of flavour.

Non-Veggie Appetizer: Eggs in Bali Sauce

Another deep fried item you cannot go wrong! Not only are eggs a delicious food source but once it’s deep fried, it’s even more delicious. The sauce is slightly sweet as well to help cut the oil and the yolky-ness of the egg.


Entree: Rendang (West Sumatra Curried Beef) Sides: Deep Fried Marinated Tofu and Tempeh, Fried Potato Patties and Eggs in Bali Sauce

I chose the entree of Rendang (West Sumatra Curried Beef) with sides of Deep Fried Marinated Tofu and Tempeh, Fried Potato Patties and Eggs in Bali Sauce. The curried beef was very tender and wasn’t too strong on the curry taste

Entree: Central Java Fried Chicken
Sides: Salad in Bali Sauce, Fried Potato Patties, and Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce.

My Chef-in-training boyfriend, Nico, chose the entree of Central Java Fried Chicken with sides of Salad in Bali Sauce, Fried Potato Patties and Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce. Nico got their savoury fried chicken thigh which was very moist and was seasoned well; a simple fried chicken, done well.


The Specials: Tongseng Ayam (Spiced Curry Chicken)

Tongseng Ayam (Spiced Curry Chicken) This curry dish was on the thinner side of curry but still contained the curry flavour you would come to expect. The chicken was very tender and had a bit of heat that blended well with the vegetables that were cooked in with it.

Eggplant Curry

While this curry was on the thicker and richer side of curry dishes and it was a table favourite. This curry is vegetarian and carries more of a spice level that has you wanting more.

Homemade Hot Sauce

Obviously, this is not an actual dish that they sell, but it is a hot sauce that they do offer. Depending on how much heat you can take, it does have a flavourful spice level that keeps it more on the savoury side. Since it’s more on the savoury side, you can have this as a vegetable side dish with your rice.

If you have never had Indonesian food and want to try it out, I definitely recommend Warung Indonesia d’Eglinton! Not only is the food delicious and the prices are good, but they offer the “Set Your Own Meal” option which allows you to try multiple items. Head out and support our local and small family businesses!

A special thank you to, DKLO Events, for the invitation and giving us the opportunity to try Indonesian food at a small family restaurant.

Epcot International Festival of the Arts

Epcot International Festival of the Arts 2017

Epcot International Festival of the Arts
200 Epcot Center Drive, Lake Buena Vista, Orlando, FL 32092

What’s better than a last minute trip to Epcot? Finding out your visit coincides with the Epcot International Festival of the Arts!

Epcot International Festival of the Arts

This event spans January 13-February 20.

This inaugural event includes seminars, interactive workshops, Disney on Broadway Concert series, live art demonstrations, and galleries (don’t miss the Mary Blair Gallery!) And foodies can rejoice in Festival specialty options throughout the park!

Epcot International Festival of the Arts
At the Odyssey Festival Showplace you can sample a Trio of Savory Croissant Doughnuts – with filings of whipped herbed cream cheese, chicken mousse, and spicy tuna, and wash them down with a Pomegranate Mule, or Neapolitan Beer Flight (among other options!)

Continue eating your way around the world showcase, and grab an Artist Palette Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookie at the Germany Pavilion or American Adventure.

Epcot International Festival of the Arts
At the American Adventure you can also find Gingerbread Funnel Cake, Pan-seared scallops with Chorizo, or this Roasted Pork Roulade, served with Marble Potatoes and Baby Carrots, with a Red Wine Sauce featuring Melissa’s Produce.

Epcot International Festival of the ArtsThe pork was perfectly cooked, and the red wine sauce was a perfect compliment to this dish!

Make sure to hit up the Pop Eats! kiosk, in the Showcase Plaza, to try the Sous Vide Venison with Butternut Squash Puree, Pomegranate Reduction, Pickled Turnip, and Juniper Berry Powder. I wonder if Walt Disney ever imagined dishes like this would be enjoyed at his park?

Epcot International Festival of the Arts

Although I tried only a handful of the variety of food and beverages offered during the festival, my favorite item was also found at Pop Eats! – Almond Frangipane Cake, layered with raspberry jam and chocolate.
Epcot International Festival of the Arts
It was as beautiful as it was delicious!

One Day park tickets to Epcot start at $99, and while the galleries and live art demonstrations are included in this price, you will need to pay for your food and beverages, along with some of the activities offered during the festival.

Epcot International Festival of the Arts
The only thing better than eating your way around the world, is doing so with the magic of Disney added to the experience. Plus the festival-specific offerings made it seem even more special. This was my first visit since I was a teenager, and I definitely enjoyed myself even more this time! Any adult who thinks they are too old for Disney should definitely make the trip to Epcot!

Epcot International Festival of the Arts

If you can’t plan a visit around the International Festival of the Arts, Epcot holds the International Food & Wine Festival from August 31-November 13.

The Morning After, A Dallas Observer Brunch Event

The Morning After
A Dallas Observer Brunch Event

morning after brunch, Dallas ObserverIt was a picture perfect day here in Dallas for the inaugural Morning After, a Dallas Observer Brunch Event hosted by Whole Foods Market.  I am here to tell you these people know how to put on a food festival. This venue was the best. The brunch was held at the Dallas Farmers Market. The shade from the open-air shed was needed on this unseasonably warm and sunny February Saturday. More than 20 of Dallas’ shining brunch stars were out cooking up free samples to chow down on. Oh, did I mention free drinks and music too.

Here are just a few of my faves…in no particular order!

Lucky’s Cafe: Chicken and Waffles with a side of gravy AND syrup. This boneless chicken needed nothing. What was in that crust?

Jonathon’s Oak Cliff: Peppered biscuits, peppered gravy and kabob of smoked sausage, ham and bacon glazed in coffee. GLAZED IN COFFEE. Am I in heaven?

Asian Mint: Fried rice for breakfast? Well, of course! Especially if it is loaded with bacon, eggs and a little sriracha sauce.

Full Circle Tavern: Biscuit with sausage gravy and candied peppered bacon. A perfect bite.

Hypnotic Donuts: The Canadian Healthcare will put you in the hospital it is so good. This maple-glazed donut is topped with…wait for it…BACON. 

Ida Claire: First up, mini blueberry pancakes, blueberry-cardamom compote, butter and yogurt whipped cream. Followed up with superseed granola, honey greek yogurt, seasonal fruit and basil. Neither with bacon…they were sublime without it.

Amazing food, amazing venue. Can’t wait until next year. I might not eat until then!

MeNami in North York, Ontario: U-don Know How Fresh This Udon is

5469 Yonge St, North York, ON M2N 5S1

You can’t miss this sign!

If you’re looking for some legit udon, MeNami is the place to be! Not only do they specialize in various udon dishes but they also make their udon fresh from scratch. Now, if you know anything about udon (thanks, Google) you’ll know that it is a very temperamental process. The owner, Chae Kim, sent her chef to Japan to learn the art form and brought this knowledge back to Toronto to adjust and perfect it for our crazy environment.

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Market City Caffe: Brews and Bites in Burbank

For the entire month of January, I endured Whole30, which meant no grains, no dairy, no legumes, no sugar, no alcohol, nothing of all the things I love to eat. So when February rolled around, I was only too happy to say “Ahola30” and dive back into the world of eating whatever the heck I want. There was one thing I was craving especially, and it was Italian food. Breadsticks! Pasta! Risotto! Cream sauce! Need I go on?

Market City Caffe in Burbank was exactly what I needed to fill the Italian-food-shaped hole in my stomach and I was excited to sample a number of their dishes paired with beers by 156 Verdugo West Brewing Co.

Market City Caffe
164 Palm Ave, Burbank, CA 91502

Market City Caffe is a casual, but classy, restaurant located on a bustling stretch of eateries in the heart of Burbank. The vibe is warm and lively with a welcoming, unpretentious air, and an open kitchen affords a view of meals being prepared under the care of executive chef Robert Chaidez.

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